Parents are essential members of the Aiglon community and we encourage their involvement in the school.

Parents Ambassador Council

The Aiglon Parents Ambassador Council (PAC) was created to capitalise on the talent, expertise, experience and goodwill of the parent body. Our goals are:

  • To support Aiglon in realising its guiding principles and published objectives.
  • To initiate and lead activities promoting the social and economic health of Aiglon.
  • To establish strong, unifying and constructive bonds between parents and Aiglon.
  • To provide a supportive network for prospective and new parents.
  • And to assist students in making successful transitions to life beyond Aiglon.

The Parent Ambassador Council hopes to reflect the diversity of the world-wide parent community. We are looking for volunteers from around the world, but particularly the Middle East, Asia, and Russia.

Find out more on the PAC group page.

Members of the Council

Simon Kirkpatrick (Chair)
Tracey Balch
Cyrus Cama
Meagan Fallone Carnahan
Happy Cheung
Karine Gevorkyan
Amynah Hassanali
Frederica Kirkpatrick
Giuliana Materzanini
Anastasia Sergeef
Countess Beatrice von der Schulenburg
Martine Williams

Parental portal

Current parents and students can access and download both historic and recent school reports and mark readings as well as student timetables and exam results online through the parental portal, a dedicated website for communicating with parents.

This site requires a username and password that you will have received from us. If you have any problems accessing the parental portal, please contact the Studies Office - telephone +41 24 496 6170.

Parent directory

Following the recommendation of the Aiglon PAC, the school has created a password-protected, online parent directory. The directory is accessible only to current parents, staff, and alumni. You can easily update your contact details and change the information you would like to share at any time. Only parents who opt-in to the online directory will receive a username and password to the site.

In addition, once a year, the school is producing a pocket-size print version of the directory that will be available in December at Parents Weekend. This publication will only be distributed to current Aiglon parents and staff. The print version of the parent directory is produced by the Advancement Office of Aiglon College and is intended only for the personal use of Aiglon parents. Please use your discretion regarding its usage.

In producing this directory, the school has done its utmost to consult parents in advance and to check all the information printed here. We apologise for any errors. Please inform the Advancement Office if any amendments are necessary.

Tel: +41 24 496 6182 Fax: +41 24 496 6179, [email protected]

Social media

You can follow Aiglon on social media. Connect with your children and the school through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and Pinterest.

Aiglon Life

Aiglon Life is a password-protected online community website. This is where you will find the latest news about the school. On Aiglon Life, you can view upcoming school events, access to the online parent directory, visit the PAC page, search for other Aiglonians, and submit a job opening. Join Aiglon Life today and explore various features of our online community website.

Aiglon Magazine

Aiglon Magazine appears twice a year in Winter and Spring. This new publication is not a typical school magazine. It is designed to evoke the spirit of studying and living on the mountain. Aiglon Magazine brings the Aiglon experience to life in print and the aim of this publication is not just to tell you what is happening at the school today, but also to embody our values. If you haven't received the latest edition please contact us.

Advancement Office

The team at the Advancement Office at Aiglon ensures that the school has the relationships, reputation and resources to thrive. These activities include alumni and parent relations, marketing and public relations, communications and development. Please contact us if you have questions or need help.