School Leadership

Aiglon College is an independent, non-profit association (Aiglon College Association) registered in Switzerland and governed by a volunteer Board of Governors.

Board Members hold overall responsibility for Aiglon’s strategic direction, and act as guardians of the school’s founding principles. Retired governors may be offered the opportunity to take on a role as Trustee of the Aiglon College Association (ACA).

School Council

The School Council, led by the Head Master, professionally manages and oversees the day-to-day operations of the school.

Richard McDonald

Richard McDonald

Head Master

BA(Hons) French & German, Lincoln College, Oxford University
PGCE Lincoln College, Oxford University

After 10 years teaching in the UK – seven years at Charterhouse and three years at Christ’s Hospital as a housemaster –  Mr McDonald became Headmaster of Aiglon from 1994 to 2000. After seven years at neighbouring school Collège Alpin Beau Soleil he returned as Head Master in 2009. His passions have evolved over the years from excessive amounts of cricket to theatre direction, karate instruction, skiing, creative writing, mycology and playing the saxophone. He was the founder of the Villars & Chablais Cricket Club, as well as the Villars Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. He has been European Regional Director for Round Square and Chair of the Swiss Group of International Schools.

Patricia Bremner Gadotti

Patricia Bremner Gadotti


MA English & History, Edinburgh University

Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management, University of the West of England

Mrs Bremner worked for Marks & Spencer in finance, before moving into education as a School Business Manager. She was then Bursar of two HMC boarding schools in the UK before moving to Aiglon in 2008. Although she spends much of her time poring over spreadsheets, she is a keen traveller, enjoying trips to Italy and in Scotland with her family.

Stuart Hamilton

Stuart Hamilton

Head of Junior School

BSc (Hons) Geography, Queen's University
PGCE, Queens' University

After graduating from Queen’s University with a degree in Geography, Mr Hamilton trained as a teacher, and has worked all over the world, including at Harrow International School, Bangkok. A keen swimmer and badminton player, Mr Hamilton says one of the highlights of his year is the Aiglon Challenge, and the way it brings all ages and students and staff together to reach one goal. “I truly believe in international education and that by giving young people the experience of other religions and nationalities we can educate global citizens.” Mr Hamilton and his wife, Laura, are also the houseparents of La Baita.

Nicola Sparrow

Nicola Sparrow

Deputy Head (Curriculum)

BSc (Hons) History and Politics, Brunel University, London
PGCE History, Worcester College, Oxford University
MBA (with Distinction), Leicester University

After graduating from Oxford with a PGCE in History she taught in Dorset for three years before embarking on a career in international education that spanned three continents. She moved to Aiglon with her partner, Mr Wise, and her three children, Bluebell, Wilfie and Ned, in 2012. "Teaching is full of moments of awe and wonder and the job is so varied and diverse, from walking up a mountain with the whole school, listening to and judging debates and starting each day with meditation, to losing yourself in drama productions. And so on. I struggle to think of another job that affords so many opportunities to engage in your passions and share them with others."

Chris Chalcraft

Chris Chalcraft

Deputy Head (Student Life)

BA(Hons) Geography & Sports Science, Kent University
PGCE, Physical Education and Geography, Loughborough University

Mr Chalcraft relishes the truly international nature of Aiglon and the chance to provide so many opportunities for education out of doors. Mr Chalcraft also teaches Geography and PE. When not encouraging Aiglonians to challenge themselves in the mountains, he can be found on his skateboard – his favourite form of transport.

Valerie Scullion

Valerie Scullion

Director, Admissions & Advancement

Valerie Scullion says that growing up in Canada, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia made her long for a school with a truly international perspective – and Aiglon was the perfect fit. With over fifteen years experience as a school leader, Mrs Scullion says that at Aiglon she has found a school with values and vision aligned to her own. The best part of her job? Meeting Aiglonians of all ages – from the newest student to the College’s first students.

Claire Chalcraft

Claire Chalcraft

Director, Pastoral Care

BA(Hons) Education, Exeter
Post Grad Cert English Language Teaching (CELTA, Cambridge)

Mrs Chalcraft, also a French teacher, says that teaching at Aiglon is “never dull, usually enormous fun and always rewarding”. Unsurprisingly, then, one of her favourite times of the year is returning to school after the summer holidays. “Feeling the school come to life is pretty special: students and staff bring such energy and light up the place.” In the holidays, Mrs Chalcraft makes the most of her free time. “I love to run, bake, take photos, fiddle around, play piano, guitar, flute, sing, dance, dream, and sleep. In term time I rarely manage to do any of these things!

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