Trustees of the ACA

Individuals may be elected Trustees in recognition of their significant lifetime contribution to Aiglon, or for their willingness and commitment to serve Aiglon in the future.

Current Trustees of the ACA

  • Todd Benoliel
  • David Clark
  • Herbert Clemens
  • Michel Dätwyler
  • Pia Davis
  • Heather de Haes OAM
  • Viscount Terence Devonport
  • Mark Elliott
  • Julian Finn
  • Christopher Gallagher
  • Julian Izant
  • Patrick Kearley
  • Jacques Luisier
  • Aura Reinhardt
  • Iskandar Safa
  • Louis Snyder
  • Frédéric Staehli
  • Egon Vorfeld

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