Our Guiding Principles

Our school was founded on a distinctive ethos: the balanced development of mind, body, and spirit. This philosophy underpins everything we do at Aiglon, both inside and outside the classroom.

An Aiglon education is about finding harmony between these three areas, as Headmaster Richard McDonald explains: “John Corlette rightly saw that academic excellence alone did not equip young people to engage with the challenges of their future lives.”

Our approach means encouraging Aiglon students to become curious, self-motivated learners. By providing a rigorous, stimulating and enjoyable education, we cultivate their capacity to think, learn, understand, and reflect both on the world around them and their responsibilities within it throughout their lives.

It means developing and maintaining physical fitness, resilience, and self-reliance, which boost students’ confidence and well-being. We do this through a balance of personal exercise, team and individual sport, expeditions and challenges, taking full advantage of Aiglon’s breathtaking Alpine setting.

We encourage our students to treat their bodies with respect by cultivating good living habits, such as a balanced diet, cleanliness, tidiness, and a healthy mix of exercise, sleep, and rest.

And finally, it means developing the spirit by exploring faith, service, emotions and purpose in life. We study the teachings and values of the major religions and promote personal spiritual reflection. We also encourage our students to develop self-knowledge and self-discipline, to show generosity, humility, and compassion, and to become consciously engaged with the world around them.