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Aiglon Ethos

Our school was founded on a distinctive ethos: the balanced development of mind, body and spirit. This philosophy underpins everything we do at Aiglon, both inside and outside the classroom.

Aiglon College was founded in 1949 as the living manifestation of John Corlette’s pioneering educational vision. As Founder of the school and its Head Master for 23 years, he established a set of values and educational priorities which remain at the very core of Aiglon’s identity.

We are committed to ensuring that these founding values and priorities continue to provide a strong and coherent foundation for the school. We do not see this as an obligation to resist change and evolution; rather we are dedicated to ensuring that an Aiglon education remains relevant and appropriate for the young men and women of today, preparing them for tomorrow and a world in constant motion.

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Guiding Principles

These guiding principles were articulated in the first decades of the school’s existence through a variety of statements expressed by the Founder. Since his death in 1977, succeeding generations of teachers and school leaders have sought to sustain the spirit, purpose and focus of John Corlette’s vision; the school’s growth and evolution as well as its rapidly earned world-wide reputation bear witness to the timeless values of his vision and to the passion of those who have nurtured it and built upon it.


By developing our minds we focus on our intellect and capacity to think, learn and reflect powerfully and purposefully.


By developing our bodies we focus on our physical fitness and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.


By developing our spirit we focus on the essence of ourselves and explore faith, service and purpose.

OUR Pathways

How do we achieve a balanced development of mind, body and spirit? Through:


In Depth: Mind, Body, Spirit

Our Ethos in Practice

We understand and live our Guiding Principles through a number of other frameworks that help us to understand and better ourselves as a school, as a community and as participants in a wider world.



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