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Aiglon’s approach to education is an invitation. In responding to our call, those who join us accept a wealth of opportunities for discovery. Students will find themselves guided through new, undiscovered paths alongside passionate experts and enthusiastic peers.

Please consider completing an enquiry form or calling us as the first step of the admissions process.

A Life Changing Adventure

Affording us the privilege of considering your application is a responsibility that we approach with care and attention.


How to Get Started

Why Aiglon

Learn more about why Aiglon's vision for holistic education is more important than ever in today's world. Our range of programmes offers a unqiue journey for each student.

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The information you provide as part of the enquiry provides us an insight into your interest in Aiglon so we can best advise you. We will then be in touch to schedule a call or help you arrange a time to visit us on campus.

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Becoming familiar with the environment we provide for students to live and learn is the first step in understanding if Aiglon is suitable for you and your family.

360° Virtual Tour


We travel the world to be able to engage in person. View our upcoming travel plans to see if a member of our team is travelling to a city near you.

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The Aiglon Story

School Prospectus Life Lived on the Mountain


Full School

The balanced development of mind, body and spirit requires unique ingredients. A strong and abiding family spirit. Inspirational and outstanding educators. A truly diverse student body. A unique location. And the spirited independence that comes with being a non-profit school. 


WHY Aiglon


The Why Aiglon brochure provides a broad and concise overview of Aiglon's key programmes and ethos. It's a good starting place if you would like to learn more about Aiglon, its' recent facts and figures and what we offer our students who join us from 65+ countries.


Stack of Aiglon magazines, Issue 17.

OUR Magazine

Global COmmunity

If you would like to explore an even wider perspective about what it means to be an Aiglonian, don't miss our dedicated school magazine. Published twice a year and sent to our community around the world you can get an excellent look at the experiences shared by Aiglonians, young and old.


How do I learn more?



Where to Next?


We would love to hear from you. Start an enquiry to begin your Aiglon journey.


What's it like to apply at Aiglon? We would be happy to show you.


Would you like to speak to someone? An Admissions representative would be happy to arrange a meeting.