New student guide

From the moment you arrive at Aiglon, we will give you the help and support you need to find your way around and adjust to your new life on the mountain. We are a small, friendly school and you will quickly feel welcome and at home.

At Aiglon, we help students from all over the world to form strong, rewarding relationships with their teachers and their peers. You will find that your first days at the school are busy and exciting, and filled with new activities and experiences, both in the classroom and on the mountain. Most students find new friends in their house, where they live with around 45 other students, and your Houseparents will be on hand to listen and advice when you need them.

You will find that our approach is personal, caring and supportive. We will take care of you, and we will challenge you, too. As a newcomer to Aiglon, you will be shown some important aspects of student life before the normal school programme begins, to ensure you settle in to the rhythm of school life as quickly as possible. We will introduce you to the Aiglon library, our IT system and policies, our sports facilities, and our PE department. You will also start finding your way around campus, get acquainted with the village of Chesières-Villars and meet your personal tutor, who will explain your academic timetable. For older students, there’s also an opportunity to discuss your IGCSE or International Baccalaureate Diploma choices.

The Aiglon Day

There are six periods in a typical day, which normally consists of two periods, morning break, two periods, lunch, and two further periods. On Wednesdays, we only hold classes in the morning. Some classes also take place on Saturday mornings. The timetable changes during the Winter Term (January to March) to accommodate the skiing programme.

Each day begins with the morning meditation, a concept introduced by our founder, John Corlette. This short, whole-school gathering is an important feature of our school life. Each meditation is a short talk with complete silence before and afterwards, with the aim of encouraging personal reflection and discussion.

Expeditions are a really important aspect of life at Aiglon. There will be days when our adventure programme takes you into the mountains on skis, on foot, by bike, or by boat. Every student is required to take part – it is a fundamental part of being an Aiglonian.

Finally, learning to lead and serve is an integral aspect of the Aiglon experience, so your day will probably include activities that contribute to the life of the school, the local community, or the wider world in some way.