Why Aiglon?

When John Corlette founded Aiglon in 1949 he set into motion an evolving educational community that is more than simply a school.

Drawing from foundational principles as a basis of approach, at Aiglon we understand that through the balanced development of mind, body, and spirit our community sets out together upon a journey that has the power to engage and enrich us.

Academic Excellence

We are committed to providing each Aiglonian with the tools they need to embark upon their own educational journey that begins with a strong academic foundation. Unique relationships with outstanding educators surrounded by a diverse cohort of peers in a beautiful location empower our students to achieve results that significantly exceed global averages. While students forge academic goals focused on the International Baccalaureate and IGCSE qualifications, and gain acceptance into a variety of top universities across the globe, we understand that grades and qualifications will only ever be the beginning.

Unique Environment

Our environment is vital to development. Aiglonians discover that our unique mountain top position provides a fresh perspective while offering the opportunity for challenge. Mountains have always represented ambition to humanity, a call to push harder, higher than we could have imagined possible. Our students and faculty only have to look out of the window to be inspired.

This spirit of expedition is also profoundly connected to the Aiglon lifestyle – ensuring that students, as future custodians of the planet, develop a unique expertise from the moment they are entrusted into our care. Yes, we climb mountains together, and through these experiences we encourage our students to take each bold new step in life with the confidence that comes from knowing that their spirit has been bolstered to thrive in this changing world.

A Diverse Home

Aiglon’s unique boarding house culture is designed to empower the diversity of our student body. With over 60 nationalities represented at the school, your house becomes a home by which you can live and learn alongside friends with whom you could never otherwise meet. The development of this house identity, bolstered by the cultural, social and economic diversity of our student body is designed to establish friendships that will last a lifetime.

Not-for-Profit Culture

We consider our position as a non-profit school to be one of both privilege and responsibility. Maintaining this status allows us to educate and nurture with our full focus on student success. We are dedicated to impressing upon Aiglonians the importance of contributing to the community both locally and internationally. As a result, we craft opportunities for our students which guide them toward taking their place as true global citizens, through volunteer work and connecting with an array of communities both local and abroad.

Aiglon’s approach to education is an invitation. In responding to our call, those who join us accept a wealth of opportunities for discovery. Upon joining Aiglon, students will find themselves guided through new, undiscovered paths alongside passionate experts and enthusiastic peers.

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We are delighted that you are considering Aiglon College. We are always pleased to introduce prospective students and their families to life at the school, and we welcome all enquiries.

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