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Aiglon's collections of various important documents, resources and key information is available below. Please filter on the left to find the information you need by school department or type. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the Communication Office for assistance.

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When John Corlette founded Aiglon in 1949 he set into motion an evolving educational community that is more than simply a school. This overview provides basic information, facts and figures for anyone considering an education at Aiglon College.

Annual Review

Philanthropy has always been a fundamental part of Aiglon's identity - and it played a crucial role this year as our school adapted, and thrived. Find out how Aiglon weathered the 2019 - 2020 school year with the support of our community.

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We will take care of Residence Permits for non-Swiss residents, but we cannot obtain visas on a students’ behalf: this must be done by parents.

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Aiglon's Handbook is designed to be a useful guide that explains the various aspects of life at Aiglon. It is expected that all students and families abide by and agree to the outlined terms. The handbook is updated yearly.



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