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Aiglon Magazine

This is not a typical school magazine. Designed to evoke the spirit of studying and living on the mountain, Aiglon Magazine brings the Aiglon experience to life in print.

Our goal is not just to tell you what is happening at the school today but to embody who we are. We invite you to read one of our recent issues, or take a look back through time at the Aiglon stories we tell through this thoroughly unique and very Aiglon publication.

If you don't receive a copy, and would like to, please let us know using the button. In addition, we are always looking for interesting content from our community, so please don't hesitate to write our editorial team with your letters or story ideas. If you would like to advertise with us, please view our media kit for more information.

Stack of Aiglon magazines, Issue 17.

Current Edition

Issue 22

Summer/Autumn 2024

School: The Aiglon dining experience
Mountain: Character beats talent
Ideas: The power of the written word
People: Meet Aiglonians in AI

Circle of Excellence Awards

Issues 15, 16
Issues 11, 16
Issue 8
CASE’s Circle of Excellence Awards are the premier recognition program for educational advancement. These peer-selected and adjudicated awards honour colleges, universities, and schools worldwide whose talented staff have advanced their organisations with resourcefulness and ingenuity.
Aiglon Magazine has been awarded multiple awards as part of the CASE "Circle of Excellence" awards programme. As the judges describe, "Every article contains interesting material relevant to their school and their surroundings. This is a coffee table piece."

Previous Issues

Issue 22

Summer/Autumn 2024

School: The Aiglon dining experience
Mountain: Character beats talent
Ideas: The power of the written word
People: Meet Aiglonians in AI

Issue 21

Winter/Spring 2024

School: Peer mentoring for juniors
Mountain: Saving our polar landscapes
Ideas: Why we gather
People: Celebrate our 75th on expedition

Issue 20

Spring/Summer 2023

School: What a trip! The CLE is back
Mountain: Bigger isn’t always better
Ideas: Why it pays to be kind
People: Alumni transforming energy

Issue 19

Winter/Spring 2022

School: Breaking bread is an essential part of Aiglon life
Mountain: When we take on the mountain, we do it together
Ideas: Tracing the origins of our educational philosophy
People: Meet the Aiglonians who tied the knot

Issue 18

Summer/Autumn 2022

School: Inside Aiglon's multicultural faith groups
Mountain: Bibi Parsons, Aiglon's heartbeat for over 50 years
Ideas: Turning future sustainability into reality now
People: Hoteliers tell us why they have a new lease of life

Issue 17

Winter/Spring 2022

School: How our community is there every step of the way
Mountain: Aiglonians taking action for the planet
Ideas: Adventures after Aiglon
People: Fail better —overcoming adversity

Issue 16

Summer/Autumn 2021

School: What do Aiglon tutors do? Life support, of course.
Mountain: Aiglon students explain how they bridge borders.
Ideas: What will city life look like post-pandemic?
People: Our equestrians share their unique lifestyle.

Issue 15

Winter/Spring 2021

School: Celebrating houseparents and their students
Mountain: How Aiglonians push past their limits
Ideas: Why, in 2020, activism has gone global
People: How Aiglonians are leading a farming revolution

Issue 14

Summer/Autumn 2020

School: What happened when Aiglon went digital
Mountain: Service - home or abroad – can be life-changing
Ideas: Going off-script when you’ve got lines to learn
People: Our restaurateurs serving all the hottest plates

Issue 13

Winter/Spring 2020

School: The feeling of getting a parcel in the post
Mountain: A team behind the secret life of the slopes
Ideas: Why lifelong friendship is the key to wellbeing
People: We meet Aiglonians with a passion for flying



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