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Culture. Character. Campus.
  • Annual Review

In 2024, Aiglon will celebrate its 75th anniversary: eight decades of developing the Mind, Body and Spirit of young people from across the globe. We’re proud of our heritage – following in our founder’s footsteps and looking to the future. What will Aiglonians need to thrive today, and tomorrow? What do we need to grow and change? And how do we get there?

The Moghadam Campus Hub: An Enduring Legacy
  • School News

In March of 2023, Aiglon College embarked on the largest and most ambitious project in our school’s history, the Assembly and Dining building located on the Orchard Site in the centre of our alpine campus. We are honoured to announce that alumnus Hamid Moghadam (Alpina,1973) and his wife Tina have generously donated a gift of US$ 6 million towards this project.

Mind, Body, Spirit . . . and Light
  • School News

The balanced development of mind, body and spirit by definition encourages a holistic journey on the part of each Aiglonian to discover how to become a truly valued member of global society. Upon this journey all students learn about the intricacies and more significant differences between collaboration, service and philanthropy through structured opportunities to practise skills associated with these values. One such opportunity has taught our students a huge amount about themselves whilst sharing knowledge with those who have lost valuable learning opportunities due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Embracing Innovation & Creativity
  • School News

Teaching innovation starts by taking a hands-on, experiential approach to learning. “It’s about learning something new and then getting the chance to use that information to create something cool,” Mr Jason Machin (Computer Science Teacher) explains. “Innovation in Computer Science is fundamentally about problem-solving.”

Reimagining Education in the Digital Age
  • School News

At Aiglon, getting the best out of these new digital tools starts by educating the educators. “We have five learning strands that our teachers can sign up for, one of which is artificial intelligence (AI). So we introduce them to some of the AI tools, we give them a space where they can experiment with them and talk about it with their peers —  an art teacher might be talking to a mathematics teacher,” Mr Wise says. “It means they can come up with their own ideas on how to integrate the technologies into the classroom, then they do it and we all review it together.”

  • School News

The new Wonder Years programme is being developed around the idea of a Mountain School, enabling Aiglon’s youngest students to become fully immersed in the local environment while taking full advantage of all that Aiglon has to offer in a warm and caring atmosphere.

Aiglon’s New Football Coach Shares Life Lessons from the Sport
  • School News

There’s no doubt that football is the most global, most popular sport. In December 2022, 5 billion people tuned in to watch the men’s FIFA World Cup and over 2 billion people tuned into FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. But for Gareth Whalley, a full-time, on-site coach at Aiglon College in the recently launched Manchester City Football School, it has always been more than just a game.

Aiglon Beckwith Challenge
  • School News

The Aiglon Beckwith Challenge is a longstanding tradition that brings together all the students and staff and helps to mark the beginning of the school year. In what is often simply called “the Challenge” the entire school comes together to run or walk up our local mountain trails to reach Bretaye, the summer alpage that becomes the heart of our winter ski resort in just a few months time.