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Culture. Character. Campus.

Culture. Character. Campus.
Culture. Character. Campus.

And did we mention sustainability? Innovation? Entrepreneurship? Multilingualism? We have huge ambitions for what an Aiglonian education can deliver.

In 2024, Aiglon will celebrate its 75th anniversary: eight decades of developing the Mind, Body and Spirit of young people from across the globe. We’re proud of our heritage – following in our founder’s footsteps and looking to the future. What will Aiglonians need to thrive today, and tomorrow? What do we need to grow and change? And how do we get there?

Our comprehensive vision for 2028 covers all aspects of Aiglon’s education, facilities, and care – and we ask for your support to make our vision beyond exceptional for this generation and those that will come after.

We are asking you to help enable us to go further and faster in our ambitions to weave sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, and multilingualism through every part of an Aiglonian education. Together we will enable our students to access the diverse perspectives and experiences that will prepare them to lead tomorrow’s world.

With your help, we will expand the diversity of young people in our community by continuing to grow the number of Aiglonians benefiting from life-changing scholarships.

Aiglon scholarships have enabled the brightest young people from across the world to access our unique education. Scholarships leave a lasting impact on an individual and their family – but just as importantly, they nurture in all our students the values of kindness and respect, regardless of origin, background, and beliefs.

So far, 116 scholars from countries including Kenya, Bhutan, Israel, and Somaliland have passed through the school, with every one continuing to higher education. While Aiglon has historically funded scholarships, we are proud and grateful that a significant proportion of our current recipients are funded through the generosity of parents and alumni.

Through that continued generosity, we aim to increase the number of scholarships at Aiglon so that by 2028, we can enable 20 scholars at any one time to broaden their horizons – and those of our whole community – on the mountain.

You can guide young Aiglonians to find their passion by helping us go beyond in three programme areas across Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Our innovative, exciting, and original programmes across our Mind, Body, and Spirit curriculum are core to why Aiglon is such a special place to learn.

We are planning a new Innovation Lab as a centre for innovation and entrepreneurship. This hive of ideas will promote inquiry-based learning, with flexible spaces for students to explore emerging areas such as social enterprise, coding, robotics, and app design. Your help will enable us to inspire young people to want to provide real-world solutions to global challenges, with input from our accomplished alumni.

Alongside this space, we are envisaging an Entrepreneurship Hub to enable students to develop their emerging business ideas. Through student-run enterprises, Aiglonians will learn to take risks, experience what it really means to manage an enterprise and develop the skills they will need to lead the businesses of the future.

Physical activity is, of course, a crucial part of character development, as well as being essential for wellbeing. We are thrilled to be the only school in Europe officially partnered with Manchester City Football Club. But we always want to go beyond. Which is why we have established a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Olympic ski champion Lindsey Vonn, helping to take Aiglon’s high-performance ski programme to the next level and build a solid foundation for our wider high-performance athletes and sport innovation programme.

Finally, music has long been at the heart of daily life in Aiglon, with more than half of our students enjoying private tuition every week. We are excited to be in the early stages of planning a partnership with Steinway & Sons that will bring beautiful instruments to the mountain and inspire our pianists to greater heights.

You can inspire our young people to realise a greener future by helping transform our campus, bringing us a step closer to our ambition of a near-zero footprint.

Aiglon’s Campus Masterplan is an ambitious investment to ensure world-class facilities and regenerate every learning environment for the years ahead. At its heart is the Moghadam Campus Hub. The largest construction project in Aiglon’s history, the new space will bring together students, staff and teachers once again to reaffirm the sense of community that’s so central to our educational approach. A gift to this project is an opportunity to create a lasting legacy with recognition by many future generations.

Our transformation of the Parsons Building and Old Belvedere into classrooms filled with light showcases our vision of a campus truly connected with, and giving back to, the landscape. From campus-connected heating sources and the solar panels on the Sports Centre and Moghadam Campus Hub buildings to our E-Bike programme, we want to blaze a trail in our efforts to reduce Aiglon’s energy consumption by more than 10 percent by 2029. Your support will help us nurture the innovative ideas of our students and alumni for a sustainable future and enable us to create the Sustainability Lab – a dynamic learning space dedicated to exploring sustainable solutions to today’s environmental challenges.

Philanthropy is crucial for a not-for-profit school like Aiglon. That status means that every franc of profit – and, of course, your donations – goes towards improving the student experience. Our identity is built upon generosity: our first-ever permanent home, Clairmont, was purchased with gifts from parents and friends of our founder, John Corlette. Will you contribute to keeping that tradition of giving alive – and help us go beyond?

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