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Year 13 Take the Lead in Special Final Assembly –The Scattering

Year 13 Take the Lead in Special Final Assembly –The Scattering
Year 13 Take the Lead in Special Final Assembly –The Scattering

Our final whole school assembly of the 2022-23 academic year took place on Friday, just prior to the Graduation of our Year 13 students last weekend, and was aptly named the Scattering

Following on from and contrary to our two previous Gatherings, this last instalment celebrated dispersal. It was particularly special as it was student-led and student-organised and poignant since it was the symbolic thank you and goodbye from our senior students.   

The Scattering opened with a stunning folk ballad sung by Esther (Exeter, 2023) and Anfisa (Exeter, 2023), accompanying the Year 13-crafted film featuring their baby pictures and humorous quotes. 

Our student guardians Alex (Alpina, 2023) and Chloe (Le Trient, 2023) then greeted the audience multilingually and highlighted how Year 13’s were about to join a thriving Aiglon community of almost 6000 alumni across 107 countries. 

Our Year 13’s then burst into Journey’s song “Don’t stop believin’”. This was as School Director Nicola Sparrow expressed a “bittersweet moment”. We are overjoyed to see our students successfully becoming graduates but at the same time we must part ways. They now need the courage to step into the big world outside of school and make their mark.

During the graduands’ speeches they evoked how exposure to diversity and opportunity - vital facets of a holistic Aiglon education - at school has enabled the laying of strong foundations, and that diversity is held together by relationships that we hope will endure beyond Aiglon.

These strong ties are exemplified by Aiglon alumnus Niccolo’s (Alpina, 2022) return to campus as guest speaker at this Scattering. Only a month into his time at university he was diagnosed with a rare form of brain tumour for which a cure is being sought. In a situation like this, where one could think of a hopeless future, Niccolo is choosing to bravely face the challenge head-on. 

He eloquently pointed out that life is a “blessing” yet “does not owe you anything”. We must accept what is out of our control, “appreciate the light after experiencing the shadows” and perceive life optimistically. Be different and believe in ourselves even when all the odds are stacked against us. We can even alter our brain chemistry through positive thinking, attitude and actions, and Niccolo is close to pulling this off. 

We were also captivated by artistic performances, from Fiona (Le Trient, 2023) singing her own impressive bilingual composition “The other side of the world” and the teachers’ smooth rendition of “Times like these” by the Foo Fighters, to the drama team’s suspense-filled performance of FOMO! - Secret Flight Club and the fun Prefect Do’s and Don’ts video clips.  

Now as Graduates of Aiglon they are scattering just like the paper boats of Tagore’s famous poem read out by Dev (Belvedere, 2023), delicately holding much promise, encapsulating their dreams and hopes, while navigating unpredictable waves to stay afloat:

I load my little boats with shiuli flowers from our garden, and hope that these blooms of the dawn will be carried safely to land in the night…The fairies of sleep are sailing in them, and the lading is their baskets full of dreams.

The invisible golden threads - their shared life-shaping experiences of meditations, expeditions, skiing and more - will continue to link our alumni together and help buoy them towards their bright futures. 

School Director Nicola Sparrow closed the Scattering quoting A. A. Milne - “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” and even once far away, Aiglon will always be with you.



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