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Summer School: Developing Talent in a Stimulating Alpine Setting

Summer School: Developing Talent in a Stimulating Alpine Setting
Summer School: Developing Talent in a Stimulating Alpine Setting

The 2023 Aiglon Summer School, with over 20 years of existence, is now in full swing, welcoming 400 students (aged 8-16) representing over 30 nationalities. 

The Classic programme is for ages 8-12 and the Eagle programme for ages 13-16. This is an opportunity to experience residential or non-residential campus life for one to four weeks. 

From the moment students arrive on the mountain they are welcomed into the heart of the Aiglon community. Assigned to a group leader - a member of staff - they have the opportunity to experience over 25 different activities. 

Everyday begins with courses to broaden the mind. Morning courses are an integral part of the programme and are often just as intellectually adventurous as our afternoons are physically adventurous. We focus on learning and mastering new skills. 

This summer there are 10 different types of morning courses. 

Eagle Programme students this year are able to immerse themselves into the new Film Production course. This is a creative programme designed to teach students about the film industry, and also to write, produce and edit films, even using just a smartphone.   

"We are excited to see both new courses at the Summer School and ongoing development of the programmes we offer,” commented Fiona Tweedie, Director of Summer School. “Any new ideas for Summer School are always appreciated and reviewed with interest. We are looking forward to watching the films made by students!"

In parallel, the International Entrepreneurship course is providing students with skills on how to develop a business plan, create a product and then later this week they will pitch their proposal to a panel of potential investors. The next part of the course focuses on globalisation and technology, and then for the final section students look at sustainable economic development. 

The Photography and Web Design course provides perspectives on how to get the most from a camera, how to frame pictures, editing and printing, but also how to plan and publish a photography portfolio. This practical learning course looks at both smartphones and traditional photography, meaning students develop practical skills in the digital age.

For younger students there is a new Robotics and Coding course –this is a hands-on course where students are introduced to the concept of computer programming with game building and challenges. Students work in small groups in the Aiglon technology maker space -a time for experimentation with technology. 

The afternoon programme may include: art, camp craft, team games, drama, orienteering, hiking, swimming, climbing (indoor and outdoor), golf, cookery, wake surfing, circus skills, real fly and so much more. 

Life on the mountain is inspiring, healthy and invigorating. The fresh air combined with comfortable and welcoming accommodation, sharing with up to three other students from all over the world, means students form new friendships, sleep well and wake up ready for each active day.

Check out our Summer School video highlights.

All students make progress and receive a comprehensive report at the end of the session celebrating and recording their achievements. But perhaps more importantly, they leave the mountain with the real reward: a huge gain in confidence.

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