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The IB Journey & Results, Aiglon Class of 2023

The IB Journey & Results, Aiglon Class of 2023
2023 Aiglon IB results and average
The IB Journey & Results, Aiglon Class of 2023

Aiglon is pleased to announce the initial IB Diploma results for the Class of 2023.

The cohort achieved an average score of 35 out of 45 possible points (updated to 35.2 after remarks). The global average has been announced at 30.2. 100% of the 80 students entered for the Diploma passed, and 85% achieved 30 or more points. Impressively, 20% (21% after remarks) of the cohort achieved 40 points or more, with one student achieving 44. Reflecting the diverse nature of our class, we are particularly pleased that over 26% achieved the bilingual diploma. The average subject grade was 5.5 out of 7 possible points.

Those results are impressive, but they tell only a very small part of the story. That’s because, perhaps more than any other secondary school qualification, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is as much about the journey as it is about the final destination.

“The IB is possibly the most academically rigorous programme for 16 to 18 years olds,” explains Laura Hamilton, Assistant Head (IB Diploma Coordinator), at Aiglon College. “But where it really sets itself apart from other qualifications is with its broader, more balanced curriculum.” 

Rather than cherry-picking a handful of safe subjects they know they are good at, students study six subjects, including two languages, mathematics, science and the arts. That process “teaches them to take risks and embrace challenges,” says Ms Hamilton. It also helps foster an intrinsic love of learning, rather than a myopic focus on the end result. “It’s not just about knowledge, it’s about learning the skills needed to access information and develop critical thinking,” points out Ms Hamilton.

In addition to three higher level and three standard level subjects, the IB programme also includes a class on the theory of knowledge and an extended 4,000-word essay. It’s a chance for students to go in-depth on a focused topic and to develop the research and writing skills they will need at university. In this year’s cohort, students wrote about issues ranging from solar power adoption in Bulgaria to the mental health consequences of the pandemic for teenagers. “That’s some really deep thinking required from an 18-year-old,” says Ms Hamilton.

Academic rigour aside, students studying for the IB Diploma are also required to complete a project that showcases their creativity, physical activity and service towards others. The Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) project is a core part of the programme, though not formally assessed — further evidence that a student’s final score on results day is just a snapshot of a bigger journey. “Success is viewed by many as black and white, something that can be summed up by a statistic,” says Ms Hamilton. “That’s such a narrow view; the IB programme teaches us that we have to think bigger.”

This multifaceted understanding of what it means to be successful means the IB Diploma aligns perfectly with Aiglon’s ethos: the balanced development of mind, body and spirit.

“We wouldn’t have the kind of success we do if we were a high-pressured, purely academically-driven environment,” Ms Hamilton says. “We’re helping students get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves, whether that be learning a new skill during their IB Diploma or scaling a mountain in our expedition programme. But it’s all done in an environment where students are made to feel supported and secure, because without that, you’re not going to learn.”

It’s these values that Nicola Sparrow, School Director,  hopes everyone in the Class of 2023 can take with them as they continue on their lifelong learning journey. “Congratulations to every single one of the students. You have an excellent foundation now, and Aiglon will always support you — you will always have a place here.”

Speaking on behalf of Aiglon’s Board of Directors, Alessandro Corsini (Delaware, 1975), offered his congratulations to the Class of 2023. “It is wonderful to see how this cohort has made the most during their time at Aiglon. Yes, the results are impressive, but they should also be proud of how they have developed as dynamic, well-rounded people. It was an honour to witness their graduation and we are thrilled to welcome the Class of 2023 into Aiglon’s alumni community.”

Mr Corsini also thanked the Aiglon staff for the excellence of their teaching, guidance and friendship. “The dedication of the Aiglon staff is also testament to the record of strong results we continue to see. Educators in the true sense of the word, the board would like to offer its appreciation to the staff teams that keep the school mission alive.”

The Aiglon Class of 2023 enjoys acceptances and offers to universities and programmes around the world. The vast majority of the class met the conditional offers of admission to their top-choice universities. 36% are going to the United States, 34% are going to the United Kingdom, 16% are going to other universities in Switzerland or elsewhere worldwide, and 14% are pursuing a gap year.

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