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Winter Term 2024 Sport Highlights

Winter Term 2024 Sport Highlights
Winter Term 2024 Sport Highlights

Winter Term 2024 has drawn to a close, leaving behind a flurry of memories and accomplishments at Aiglon College. From snowfall to sunshine to rain to wind to more sunshine, this term saw students immerse themselves in a plethora of training and races.

A total of 61 students, spanning various year groups, participated in a range of races throughout the year, from entry-level competitions to international events. The diversity of experiences offered a diverse array of challenges and triumphs for our athletes.

Squads available for team training this year included Alpine Racing (High Performance and Development Squads, as well as Race Progression), Freeride, Freestyle and Snowboard. Dedicated squad sessions every Sunday for each team allowed them to hone their skills under the guidance of expert instructors, supplementing their structured PE lessons.

Despite adverse weather conditions leading to the cancellation of the Freeride competition, Aiglon witnessed the formation of its inaugural Freeride team, highlighting the community's enthusiasm for off-piste pursuits. Similarly, the introduction of the Freestyle team offered students an opportunity to explore a new discipline in Aiglon’s snowsports provision, increasing inclusivity and skill development in student’s preferred area of snowsports. Our Snowboard Squad competed in the MLS Snowboard Competition; Lucie achieving silver and Alex bronze in their respective categories and particular mention goes to Ilaria, winning gold and also at eleven years old had the fastest time of the entire competition in the Slalom. 

One of the exciting developments this year was the establishment of the Aiglon Basecamp, a central hub for ski racing activities. From video analysis to ski tuning, this dedicated space provided a collaborative environment for students to enhance their skills and support one another's growth. It has been a hive of activity in the evenings with students cultivating their tuning skills under the guidance of ski coach Leo Karavasili, ex-Europa Cup pro athlete. 

Aiglon welcomed Lindsey Vonn, Olympic ski champion and Aiglon Ski Ambassador, back to campus for a two-and-a-half-day visit. 

In addition to physical training, sports psychology played a pivotal role in preparing our students for their endeavours, both on and off the slopes. Through Start Line Psychology sessions, individuals learned to tailor their mental approach to optimise performance, journaling and goal-setting, and psychology training considering factors like personality traits and pre-race rituals.

Beyond the technical aspects, ski racing instilled invaluable life lessons in dedication, commitment, and perseverance. Whether celebrating victories or navigating setbacks, students learned the importance of resilience and sportsmanship, embodying these traits both on and off the racecourse.

Many students fly under the radar when it comes to reporting the successes of the ski season, but the growth of these athletes are something to be celebrated. Some of these students were acknowledged in their appointments as Ski Captains during the Aiglon Cup; Bella, Hubsi, Romy and Ben. Some students are now achieving Top 20 placings when previously finishing at the back of a 100+ athlete start lists, and some have confidence to now speak in front of the whole school or lead small groups in activities. These achievements hold as much worth as medals for our student development, and we are proud of all of those accomplishments.

It's also worth acknowledging the commendable efforts of our student athletes who also compete outside of school, showcasing their talent and dedication in local and national competitions. Their unwavering commitment often goes unnoticed, but their achievements are a testament to their passion and hard work. Congratulations to Tyler, Alicia, Sienna, Bruno, Ilaria, Bella, Seb and Amelia for their dedication to both school and club this season, and to Tyler and Sienna for their selection in representing Ski Romande and Alicia representing Denmark. 

Particular mentions go to Alicia, for her podiums outside of school; 1st Danish National Championships, 1st Interschools U16 in Slalom, 2nd U16 in Savoie Competition to mention just a few. Sienna has also been winning multiple podiums at the weekends, winning the Hungarian National Championships and the Grand Prix Migros. 

Bruno and Sienna both won podiums at both the English National Championships in Bormio, Welsh Championships in Champery and and the GB Championships in Tignes. Matilde, Alicia and Sophia all received medals both individually and as an U16 team at the British Schoolgirls races. 

The whole team impressed at the European Interschools Championships in Wengen. Gold medals for Sienna, Matilde, Douglas and Manu, and silver and bronzes for Sophia, Bruno, Alicia, Tyler led to Aiglon being crowned Best Overall School. Sienna also achieved the accolade of Best Overall Female, even more impressive as the youngest female competitor, and winning her a new pair of skis too!

Participation in such events fosters holistic growth, encompassing physical fitness, mental resilience, teamwork, and sportsmanship. It's not just about winning; it's about embracing challenges, learning from experiences, and forging lasting bonds with fellow athletes. If anyone has ever witnessed the team packing buses with four pairs of skis per student, or catching a train with a full set of competition equipment, it is no mean feat of collaboration!

A key focus of our Sports Science sessions has been cultivating growth mindsets among students. Through constructive feedback and a focus on improvement, individuals are encouraged to approach challenges with optimism and a willingness to learn.

For our older students, FIS racing represents a significant milestone, demanding a higher level of skill and determination. This year, five Aiglon students competed as part of the FIS team, navigating the competitive landscape with determination and grit. FIS athletes: Matilde, Sophia, Douglas, Manu and Floris. 

As the winter term concludes, we celebrate not only the achievements on the slopes but also the personal growth and camaraderie fostered within our ski community. It's a testament to the spirit of Aiglon, where students are empowered to embrace challenges, pursue excellence, and support one another in their journeys on and off the mountain.



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