Senior School

Aiglon’s Senior School consists of the Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Forms (age 13 to 18). We have seven Houses for Senior School students, and each student has a dedicated tutor attached to their House.

Third Form subjects

It is in these years that our students start to take more responsibility for their own learning. In the Third Form, we teach science as three separate subjects and, through our modern foreign languages carousel, introduce Spanish, German, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese (students choose three of these four).

Students sit internal exams in most subjects at the end of the Autumn and Summer Terms. During the Third Form, students choose the International GCSE (IGCSE) or GCSE courses they plan to study over the following two years.

IGCSE and GCSE subject choices

In the Fourth and Fifth Forms, all students study English Language, French, Mathematics, Science (dual or triple award), and Physical Education (PE). Those in higher sets for English, or who reach the required standard, also take the IGCSE in English Literature.

Students also pick some electives. With a wide range of option courses on offer, they can choose the areas where they have real interest and enthusiasm. Students will usually choose one arts subject (Art, Music or Drama), one social science (History, Geography or Religious Studies), a modern foreign language (Spanish or German), and one further option from any of these areas. Students are also encouraged to continue to study their mother-tongue language and often sit a GCSE in this language.

Most IGCSE courses are assessed through a mix of internally marked coursework and end-of-course exams. Some subjects, such as Drama, involve a significant amount of assessed practical work.

Study Skills

In the Fifth Form, we also run a Study Skills class throughout the year. We focus on topics relating to university choices and career paths in these sessions. Summer enrichment activities are discussed and encouraged, and students may take a PSAT exam in preparation for the SAT.

Senior School expeditions

In the Senior School, students complete at least two or three expeditions each term, including rock climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, ski touring, cross-country skiing, independent camping trips, and three-day Long Expeditions. While some trips are compulsory, students are often free to choose the weekends in which they participate.