Summer School

Gain confidence. Know yourself. Understand others. From a full timetable of lessons to a unique variety of outdoor activities, Summer School students leave Aiglon with a new perspective on what it means to develop themselves in mind, body and spirit.

Whether you are considering applying to Aiglon's full academic year or simply want them to enjoy a few weeks of exciting and rewarding adventures, our summer programmes give children ages 8 to 17 the opportunity to experience the best of Aiglon and its unique environment.

We offer two distinct programmes based on age and interest, each one combines Aiglon's unique ethos and expedition programme with a variety of course and activity options. Please review the options below and make an application today by clicking on the above button.

The Classic (Ages 8-13)

This classic programme offers a focused morning course of your choice that will allow your child to broaden their language skills, or study a new topic. Each day then features a range of afternoon and evening activities within the framework of Aiglon's unique ethos and environment. Each programme also includes an expedition to develop outdoor skills and enjoy time around the campfire. Students can come and stay at Aiglon for 2, 3, or 4 weeks

Morning Course Options

Lean more about course options on through the "Morning Courses" below.

  • Intensive English (Beginner to Advanced Level Course)
  • Intensive French (Beginner to Advanced Level Course)
  • Maths & Science Investigator Course
  • Performing Arts Course
Dates & Fees
  • Classic 1 (Two Week) 2 - 15 July: CHF 5,900
  • Classic 2 (Two Week) 16 -29 July: CHF 5,900
  • Classic 3 (Three Week) 2 - 22 July: CHF 8,700
  • Classic 4 (Four Week) 2 - 29 July: CHF 11,400

New for Summer 2018: Classic Taster Days (Ages 7-10)

Interested in Summer School, but not quite sure? If you are based nearby you can now give your child the chance to try any number of our "Taster Days" beginning summer 2018! This will give your student the chance to spend the day at Aiglon, sampling the variety of activities and experiences. Consider joining us on 18, 20, 24 or 27 July. The cost is CHF 250 per day. Email [email protected] to express your interest.

The Eagle (Ages 14-17)

The Eagle is targeted to older students and offers them a greater challenge and set of opportunities. The programme is structured around a focused morning course of your choice followed each afternoon and evening by activities that work to challenge and develop your child in Aiglon's ethos. This Eagle also features a more advanced expedition to spend a night in the mountains.

Morning Course Options

  • Intensive English (Beginner to Advanced Course Level)
  • Intensive French - Beginner to Advanced Level
  • Eagle Technology Course
  • Eagle Leadership Course

Dates & Fees

  • Eagle 1 (Two Week) 2 - 15 July: 6,100 CHF
  • Eagle 2 (Two Week) 16 - 29 July: 6,100 CHF
  • Eagle 3 (Three Week) 2 - 22 July: 9,000 CHF
  • Eagle 4 (Four Week) 2 - 29 July: 11,800 CHF

New for Summer 2018: Eagle SAT Preparation (Ages 15 -17)

Want to enjoy Aiglon's Eagle Programme, but also conscious that summertime is important for SAT or ACT preparation? Aiglon now offers a special SAT and ACT preparation course in conjunction with "The Eagle" programme. Join Aiglon's Summer School, and spend one week (16-22 July) immersed in the specialised SAT & ACT preparation course. Students may also attend for only this course.

New "Eagle SAT" Dates & Fees

  • Eagle SAT 1 (One Week) 16 - 22 July: 3,800 CHF
  • Eagle SAT 2 (Two Week) 16 - 29 July: 6,850 CHF
  • Eagle SAT 3 (Three Week) 2 - 22 July: 9,800 CHF
  • Eagle SAT 4 (Four Week) 2 - 29 July: 12,650 CHF

A Typical Day

We like to keep our students busy and engaged. The entirety of each day is well-planned to offer students a wide range of activities, but also offer the necessary time for rest and recuperation. Below is a sample schedule to help you picture a typical day at Aiglon's Summer School.

07h30 | Wake Up

Rooms are shared with two or three other students of similar age in our boarding houses.

08h00 | Breakfast Time

We offer a continental breakfast that can be enjoyed in the boarding house, or a hot breakfast which is prepared in the School Restaurant.

09h00 | Morning Courses Commence

Students will have selected their course prior to the start of Summer School. Lessons are interactive and include a mix of indoor and outdoor teaching and learning.

10h25 | Morning Break Time

Fresh fruit and juice are provided, or students are able to spend their pocket money to buy a snack at the on campus "Cloud Cafe."

12h30 | Lunch Time

Lunch is served in the School Restaurant – our team of chefs will make a delicious lunch for all to enjoy – with a range of choices it is both healthy and tasty! Students sit with their activity group and have the chance to discuss the afternoon plans with their group leader and activity leader.

13h15 | Prepare for Afternoon

Houses are open again to students to collect their things and prepare for the afternoon activity. For these activities, students meet at a centralised point on campus, then the afternoon fun begins!

14h00 | Afternoon Activities Commence
17h00 | Free Time

Students can spend time relaxing in the boarding house, catching up with their family and friends at home, playing social football on one of the sports pitches next to their boarding house or for older students (with houseparent permission and in small groups) walk into Villars, the local village. Mobile phone use is permitted during this free time, however at other times phones are looked after by the house parents. We find this is the best way for students to fully engage in Summer School like and make new friends

18h30 | Dinner Time

The head chef at Aiglon overseas a menu focused on fresh produce and international flavours. There is also the Aiglon BBQ on some evenings, which is enjoyed alongside the amazing view!

19h30 | Evening Activities commence

With inter-house competitions, sports evenings, climbing wall sessions, movie nights, BBQ and disco evenings the summer school evenings are lots of fun and everyone gets involved!

21h30 | Bed Time

Bed times (and other timings) vary slightly depending on student age.

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We are delighted that you are considering Aiglon College. We are always pleased to introduce prospective students and their families to life at the school, and we welcome all enquiries.

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