Senior School Production ships Aiglon to Australia

Posted on 16th December 2015

In a very busy term, this year’s senior school Aiglon play was the tragic, yet amusing modern classic Our Country’s Good (based on a true story).

With a leading lady due to be hung, most of the cast unable to read, and many officers determined to put a stop to Australia’s first play in case it leads to disorder, Our Country’s Good was a challenging but engaging drama for our Aiglon community. The production, a dynamic and pacey insight into this historic true story had audiences laughing, shocked and deeply moved all at the same time.

The cast and crew of Aiglon students have been extremely committed, hardworking, and had a lot of fun collaborating as a team while rehearsing to bring this play to the stage. They enjoyed a successful opening night and are excited for the continued run.

Sarah Barker-Doherty and Thom Disney