"Alice", a great end-of-term success!

Posted on 15th December 2016

In the week leading up to Aiglon's winter holiday break, a group of dedicated students put on a terrific performance. This year's show put on by the Aiglon Drama Department was called, "Alice".

Following the death of her brother, Joe, Alice retreats to Wonderland, where she encounters a range of quirky and bizarre characters who, in their own unique way, help her deal with her loss. On her quest to find ‘the heart’, she overcomes her frustration with the people that she meets to start processing what she is feeling.

In a re-imagined version of the classic tale ‘Alice in Wonderland’, an enthusiastic cast and crew have worked really hard to create a unique vision of Wonderland. An ultimately uplifting tale, this play adds a darker touch to justify the existence of Wonderland, but in doing so adds depth and emotion to Lewis Carroll’s original story.

A colorful and dramatic spectacle, the students and staff team did an excellent job in a very short amount of time. They brought "wonderland" to life in a way that delighted the school from the youngest juniors, the seniors and even some parents who managed to join for the three-day run. The show brings this very full autumn term to a nice close, and gave everyone something to comment on, compliment and discuss in these final few days of 2016.

Photographs by Darren Wise