A Mountain Expedition

Posted on 9th October 2017 in People, Mountain, Body

A report on a recent Junior School expedition, by Wilfie.

This weekend we set off to summit the Arpelistock, a mountain 3035 meters in elevation and is located on the border of Valais and Bern, two cantons in Switzerland. On the first day, we set off just after Saturday morning lessons finished. We took our packed lunches and drove to the foot of the mountain. On the first day, our team of six students walked 700 meters to get to our mountain hut. The hut was beautiful and had just been refurbished. When we got there, I got out the pack of playing cards I had brought with me, and we played all sorts of different games. We played English games and Irish games, but in the end we just settled on playing Uno! We had tomato soup, chicken and yogurt for dinner then we went to bed, anticipating a long day tomorrow.

The next day we woke up early and had breakfast. There was all sorts of stuff. Bread, homemade jam, yoghurt and cereal to name a few. After breakfast we started our 1000 meter ascent up the Arpelistock. At the top we encountered snow, but we kept pushing until we made it. The view from the top was incredible. All we could see were the mountain peaks peaking out of the clouds everywhere we could see. We also stood between Valle and Bern, half in one canton half in the other. We had lunch and started a descent.

Coming down there were lots of rocks, some unstable, and a steep downhill part and when that was finished we were almost finished. Almost there. All there was left was a walk along a long ridge to get to the car park where Mr Rowntree was going to pick us up. We arrived there and waited five minutes until Mr Rowntree came and gave us a well earned donut. We took a picture, then we were off. In the van back, Mr Rowntree told us all the football scores from the weekend, and as soon as we knew it we were back home.