Aiglon Teacher Speaks at CERN

Posted on 10th October 2017 in School, People, Mind

Last Thursday evening Aiglon physics teacher, Mr Fairweather, was part of a panel in the CERN Globe of Science and Innovation discussing the role of organisations such as CERN in empowering teachers. Also on the panel were Charlotte Warakaulle, Director of International Relations at CERN, and Edda Gschwendtner, Lead Scientist on the AWAKE Experiment.

The panel was moderated by stand-up comedian and former teacher, Matt Parker, who started the evening with a hilarious talk about his favourite spreadsheet and how he uses that to engage students in mathematics. The panel discussed topics such as the use of technology in the classroom, the ways that teachers can use fundamental research to inspire students and the importance of communicating the scientific method to young people.

In particular Mr Fairweather discussed how his experiences on the CERN International High School Teacher Programme this summer had influenced his classroom teaching at Aiglon.

We are always pleased when our teachers are asked to participate in professional activities beyond the classroom. We hope the discussions at CERN can continue motivating teachers and young people to the value of a strong education in the sciences, and the potential this unlocks. Well done, Mr Fairweather!