Aiglon Wins Three CASE Circle of Excellence Awards

Posted on 16th June 2017 in School, People, Spirit

Each year, CASE (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education) publishes its Circle of Excellence Awards which acknowledges “superior accomplishments that have lasting impact, demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and deliver exceptional results”.

This year, CASE received 3364 entries for their Circle of Excellence awards. We are thrilled to announce that Aiglon has been awarded the following:

Aiglon Magazine has been awarded a SILVER medal in the category of Independent School Magazine.

Aiglon Advert Video has been awarded a SILVER medal in the category of General Information Video.


Aiglon Video: Mind, Body & Spirit has been awarded the GRAND GOLD AWARD in the category of Recruitment Video.


Aiglon Magazine

Awarded a SILVER medal from category of 55 entries from independent schools world-wide.

The judges remarked that the history of the tuck shop article (Tuck Shop, Issue 6, page 22) was beautifully designed and enjoyable to read. The judges also enjoyed the story about the global art market which utilised alumni experts as sources (Issue 6 page 30). They appreciated that the magazine didn't shy away from humour. For example, the pull quote in the “Behind the Scenes” slot about the school's housekeeping staff (Issue 7 page 42) reads: "We feel very protective of the students, even if that means telling them off - I mean, teaching them how to do things!” And speaking of pull quotes, the judges praised the magazine's use of devices such as deks, pull quotes and photo captions for pulling readers into the story.

While one judge thought the content skewed a little too "promotional," most of them thought the magazine did an excellent job of capturing the culture and the personality of the school. The judges felt the magazine’s clear editorial plan was a deciding factor their decision to grant an award.

Aiglon scored very highly for its design which they found fresh, innovative and impressive. The judges stated that this magazine could hold its own on a newsstand. They praised our use of photography and appreciated its unpredictable nature. They singled out the story about our original guiding principles (Rules, ranks, and privileges Issue 7 page 34), which featured photographs of pages from the typewritten rule book, dated September 1964.

The judges said:

"This not a magazine that would have appeal to someone who is not familiar with the school. It's very exclusive - as if they're saying to their readers: ‘Remember that you are part of this exclusive club.’”

"The magazine is very focused on their community, but that's what they're claiming they do, so they're meeting their mission."

Aiglon Advert Video

Awarded a SILVER medal in the category of General Information Video out of 105 entries.

The judges really looked hard at whether the video had a specified objective and if the goals were met. Some entries gave the impression that they just wanted to do a video without having a focus on cause and effect. The judges also paid attention as to whether the videos were internally or externally focused and if they were externally focused, were they branded appropriately. Budget was taken into consideration. Not to say a low budget video was dinged, it was more did they spend their budget wisely. Did it deliver? Judges looked for originality, creativity, visually appealing, did the video evoke an emotion or sense of the institution. Did the video stimulate a reaction - to give, to attend, to learn more about the institution or even did it make you feel warm and fuzzy.

The judges’ remarks on the Aiglon Advert:

Production value was very nice. Articulated the different seasons. Liked the special effects. Great recruitment piece. Feels like a great place to go or send our children. Great message behind the piece. Well conveyed message. Hard to go wrong with Alps in background. Used location to advantage. Really showed cultural spectrum of students.

Aiglon Video: Mind, Body & Spirit

Awarded the GRAND GOLD AWARD in the category of Recruitment Video.

65 institutions from across the world entered their recruitment videos in the CASE Circle of Excellence Awards. Submissions hailed from countries such as Jordan, Finland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and each region of the United States. Entrants from across the geographic spectrum, representing institutions of various types, demonstrated that trends in student recruitment are shared globally. The variety of high-quality videos from such a diversity of schools also reaffirmed that regardless of institutional size, budget, or mission, it is possible to reach one's target audience and market the institution effectively.

Despite the increasing popularity of humorous or informal perspectives, many entrants aimed for and achieved an inspirational or empowering message. The videos that most resonated with the panel were those that communicated the strengths of the institution while also achieving the delicate balance between a sense of familiarity and emotional depth. Videos that provoked an emotional response from the panel were especially considered for recognition.

Aiglon’s video MIND, BODY, SPIRIT is a visual feast! With seamless editing, this impressive video appeals to a wide variety of audiences - parents as well as prospective students, those in Switzerland as well as those abroad - and aligns beautifully with the institutional mission. Aiglon incorporates voice-over interviews and sweeping campus/location shots in a way that feels totally fresh, unique, and top-notch. Professional, stunning, and streamlined, the video exceeded expectations.

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