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holistic education

Learning at Aiglon
At Aiglon, we redefine the traditional school experience. Our classroom extends beyond our campus buildings to embrace the mountain and sports pitch –offering a dynamic and varied learning environment.


One School

Four Distinct Cohorts

Years 3 - 8

Junior School

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Years 3 - 6

Ages 7 - 11


Years 7 - 9

Ages 11 - 14

Years 9 - 13

Senior School

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Years 10 - 11

Ages 14 - 16


Years 12 - 13

Ages 16 - 18



More than a classroom

Our educational programme requires students to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach. This means that achieving the Aiglon diploma involves more than just excelling in classroom studies; students must actively participate in and complete all components of our holistic programme. This comprehensive approach is essential for their overall development and aligns with the values and responsibilities that Aiglon has valued since its founding.


International Baccalaureate

The Class of 2024 achieved a 100% pass rate as well as a 35.2 average. 40+ points achieved by 21%. Aiglon is also ranked a "Global Top IB School" as well as a top school in Switzerland.

High School Diploma

Alongside their IB, all graduates receive a fully accredited high school qualification opening up further university study all over the globe.

Diverse Student Body

With over 65 nationalities and 23 different languages represented at the school, Aiglon is a truly international school. These diverse friendships endure for life.

Talented Musicians

For younger students, learning a musical instrument is built into the curriculum, but music remains popular across all years and there are over 280 private music lessons on campus each week.

On the Mountain

From achieving Duke of Edinburgh qualifications to independent expeditions, students are in our mountain "classroom" every weekend learning important life skills.


Guiding Principles for Learning

Guiding Principles for Learning


Aspirational and inspirational development through:

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How We Learn

University Advising

Aiglon's University Advising team is staffed by teams of professionals who are here to support our students every step of their Aiglon journey.


From the highest peaks to our clear lakes, Aiglon expeditions are the quintessential example of our "beyond the classroom" learning. Discover what it means to attend one of the best Swiss boarding schools.

Creative Arts

Whether it's part of the academic programme, or simply for the love of it, we encourage many forms of artistic expression. We actively seek to enable students to take to the stage or learn a new instrument.


No matter the season, Aiglonians are active in our PE programme as well as a variety of individual and team sporting activities. Learn more about each distinctive Aiglon season.


When we talk about co-curricular we mean a wide range of activities, service opportunities, trips or visits that help to provide extra depth to the Aiglon experience. When we say learning is more than just the classroom, we mean it!

Trips & Visits

Aiglon provides a range of excursions across different locations that aim to challenge students through exciting adventures, foster mutual respect, and cultivate a sense of responsibility.

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