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Aiglon's activities programme offers a range of learning opportunities for students to develop skills and build experiences, allowing them to follow their passions while encouraging them to also try something new.

From model United Nations (MUN) to climbing and astronomy, there is something for everyone. Our activities programme is designed to exist within the framework of our guiding principles: encouraging students into activities that promote the balanced development of mind, body and spirit. Each activity is divided into one of these areas to help students grow and try new things in a holistic, fun context.


Many students also take on the challenge and opportunity of leading their own activity, introducing their own personal passion or interest to the Aiglon community.

Weekday Programme

Activities are scheduled every day of the week after lessons finish. Each activity is supervised and run by a member of Aiglon's staff and takes place from 15h15 to 16h15 and 16h20 to 17h20. As part of students' commitment to Aiglon's holistic approach to education, they must meet the activity requirements for their year.

Weekend Programme

Each weekend Aiglon students can participate in a wide range of activities. We divide our programme into the categories: expeditions, sport, trips and activities. Read more about Expeditions and Sport.

We work to ensure that our weekend programme offers students opportunities for simple fun and relaxation but also the chance to continue to grow, learn and push themselves in new ways.

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Pathway to Success

To move into Aiglon's final years, all students are expected to develop as well-rounded young people and must achieve beyond just the framework of our academic programmes. All Aiglonians engage with the activities, expedition and sport programmes in order to progress through the school.

A balance of experiences is encouraged, and students will select at least one activity from each of the mind, body and spirit offerings over the course of each year.

Weekday Activity Options

Each term, students are given the opportunity to join activities that match the conditions of the season. In accordance with our expectation that everyone will participate in a range of different activities, tutors and houseparents support each individual to ensure that they achieve a balanced programme from some of the following options.

Beginners Running Club
Charity Baking
Mountain Biking
Thrift Store