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Learning Pathways

Each year group is part of a cohort that helps to shape the Aiglon experience. From junior school through to graduation, students are on a cohesive journey that is exciting and distinct each year and yet faithful to a rhythm that reflects Aiglon's ethos.

Each cohort follows a different, or multiple, academic programmes and students are looked after by one of our Assistant Heads.

Students on campus with mountain view


Years 3-6

Embarking on a journey of wonder and discovery, Aiglon's Wonder Years Programme is designed to inspire and ignite the young minds of our junior school students, aged 7 to 11. Our enchanting mountain environment becomes not just a place to learn, but a home, a classroom, and a way of life.



Years 7-9

The Discovery Years provide an age-appropriate and modern interpretation to Aiglon's Guiding Principles by connecting all areas of academic study, co-curricular programme, expeditions, the arts and personal reflection under several big questions designed to foster student growth.



Years 10-11

The Exploration Years are a formative time in the Aiglon student's journey. Whether joining the school during this time, in Year 10 or 11, or coming up from the Discovery Years, the academic and character formation explored during this time is foundational to further growth and preparation for what lies ahead.




Years 12-13

Students in their final two years at Aiglon undertake the academically challenging and holistic International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). This internationally recognised qualification is the perfect bridge to further university studies and beyond.



Guiding Principles for Learning

Guiding Principles for Learning
Aspirational and inspirational development through:



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