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Discovery Years (7-9)

The Discovery Years provide an age-appropriate and modern interpretation to Aiglon's Guiding Principles by connecting all areas of academic study, co-curricular programme, expeditions, the arts and personal reflection under several big questions designed to foster student growth.

For students in Years 7 - 9 this cohort allows students to enter in our Junior School and finish in our Senior School providing a smooth transition experience designed to create a cohesive academic and school experience.


Programme Overview

The Discovery Programme has a focus on merging the classroom and out-of-classroom experiences to provide a robust, and yet balanced education. This approach is specifically tailored to students in an international school context with lots of personal provisions for different academic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 

Cohort Resources

Jack George

Jack George

Assistant Head - Discovery Coordinator (Years 5-9)

Learning Support

The Learning Support Department provides specialist teaching to support students with a variety of learning difficulties, through individualised intervention and personalised target setting. Our team of qualified teachers work one-to-one with students and alongside staff to enable these students to maximise their potential and succeed.


EAL Programme

Our expert and targeted English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme enables students from all over the world to access our curriculum. You will benefit from immersion in an English-speaking community, and ongoing support. Support is provided one-on-one and in the classroom.



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