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Exploration Years (10-11)

The Exploration Years are a formative time in the Aiglon student's journey. Whether joining the school during this time, in Year 10 or 11, or coming up from the Discovery Years, the academic and character formation explored during this time is foundational to further growth and preparation for all that lies ahead.

At Aiglon, the Exploration Years offers two distinctive academic tracks. The traditional IGCSE programme is a robust, internationally recognised and externally evaluated qualification. It is a two-year programme. The Pre-IB programme is a bespoke curriculum developed at Aiglon to help students prepare for the rigour of the IB Diploma. Both tracks offer excellent academic preparedness for future learning, and both groups participate fully in Aiglon's range of learning and co-curricular experiences.


IGCSE Overview

The IGCSE prepares students in Years 10 and 11 for the next stages of their education. These qualifications are paired with Aiglon's holistic approach to offer students an engaging and fulfilling education experience. The IGCSE runs as a two-year programme. For students who join in Year 11, Aiglon recommends students to do the Pre-IB Certificate during their Exploration Years.

Pre-IB Programme Overview

Aiglon's Pre-IB Programme is designed to provide a curriculum to develop the skills, knowledge and experience for all students to be prepared to excel in the IB Diploma Programme beginning in Year 12. Consistent with our Guiding Principles for Learning, the Pre-IB curriculum highlights the importance of all students being rigorously challenged, with opportunities provided to help develop inquiry and independent learning skills. The programme encourages students to explore the subjects that interest them to eventually make their IB subject choices and experience an assessment structure reflective of the IB Diploma.

Exploration Year by Year

We encourage character development and empower students to reflect on their own background, identity and culture and we collaborate with our wider school community to help students learn about how to behave and interact with people of different backgrounds and cultures. Students develop skills and explore other life lessons through our expedition, co-curricular and weekend programme. Students have the opportunity to go on trips and to participate in service opportunities.

Cohort Resources

Damian Ballantine

Damian Ballantine

Assistant Head (Exploration)

Learning Support

The Learning Support Department provides specialist teaching to support students with a variety of learning difficulties, through individualised intervention and personalised target setting. Our team of qualified teachers work one-to-one with students and alongside staff to enable these students to maximise their potential and succeed.


EAL Programme

Our expert and targeted English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme enables students from all over the world to access our curriculum. You will benefit from immersion in an English-speaking community, and ongoing support. Support is provided one-on-one and in the classroom.



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