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Lindsey Vonn: High-Performance Athletes and Sport Innovation, Ski Ambassador

Aiglon College in partnership with Lindsey Vonn, Olympic Champion, will enhance the school’s high-perfomance athletes and sport innovation programme.

This new, one of a kind collaboration with Ms Vonn,  will offer every Aiglon skier the opportunity for a world-class skiing education in our local mountain resort and in the surrounding Swiss Alps.

Ms Vonn will provide consultancy expertise on the establishment of a new initiative, Aiglon’s high-performance athletes and sport innovation programme. In particular she will help to further develop Aiglon’s ski programme. She will support Aiglon in identifying, selecting and appointing an elite ski coach for the high-performance team as well as helping to review and validate the elite programme and training regimes.





Aiglon Ski Race Team

Our Partnership

The partnership between Lindsey Vonn and Aiglon is the second of such unique arrangements at the school. Earlier this year Aiglon and Manchester City Football Club announced a partnership bringing on a specialised football coach. The result is that Aiglon is increasingly able to welcome expert sport coaches, individuals who work at the top of their sport and who bring a unique understanding of youth sport development and age-specific programmes.

Aiglon is pleased that Lindsey Vonn also brings such a holistic perspective to this new partnership. Her determined and successful career has taught her resilience and to never give up, and she leverages these experiences to support the next generation. She has dedicated her future to ensuring students can pursue their dreams in a safe and supportive environment while mastering the sport she loves.

Beyond skiing Lindsey Vonn is committed to empowering the youth within a positive and constructive atmosphere. Her focus is to help children grow as individuals in whatever their passions may be as learners, athletes, or artists. Through her foundation she has supported children to gain confidence, build inclusivity, and discover their grit.

“Aiglon is a unique Swiss boarding school: our outdoor location alongside our not-for-profit status gives us the freedom to push beyond the boundaries of traditional education to develop and invest in the best possible experience for our students. We our honoured to welcome Lindsey Vonn, to our community. Her inspirational story and experience will allow us to take Aiglon’s elite ski programme to the next level as well as build a solid foundation for our wider high performance athletes and sport innovation programme.”

Nicola Sparrow
School Director

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