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Manchester City Football School

Aiglon College is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Manchester City Football Club, one of the leading football clubs in the world.

Aiglon College has partnered with Manchester City Football Club to provide our students with a world leading football programme that aims to develop all of our students as people and as footballers.

Our Partnership

Our school was founded on the belief that education goes beyond the classroom and through a commitment to the natural and physical world we are able to pursue the development of personal character and the human spirit.

Manchester City Football Club likewise offers a unique programme that looks to both improve an individual’s football skills and instil the benefits of team sport, leadership skills, passion, motivation and an appreciation of nutrition and personal development

By joining together we look forward to providing our students with a unique programme to both develop their football skills and a deeper appreciation for holistic life skills.

Aiglon is the only school in Europe to establish this partnership with Manchester City. This is a real opportunity to develop a world class football programme with the rigour and dedication to excellence that is at the heart of our approach. We are really impressed with Manchester City for their work at the intersection of football and holistic education to create unique learning opportunities.

Nicola Sparrow
School Director

How does the programme work?

Aiglon College will employ a full time Manchester City football coach, who is trained and qualified to deliver their world leading programme. This offers a deep and broad football curriculum focusing on the individual and collective needs of children, whatever the level or gender. 

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