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The Arts

The Aiglon Arts Faculty works across the domains of visual art, drama and music to offer students an immersive experience in both appreciating and producing art.

Students can be involved with the Arts Faculty through academic programmes in all years, or they can enjoy our range of co-curricular art activities. We have students who go on to study artistic subjects at top institutions and many others who simply enjoy creative expression for years to come.



Through inspirational teaching and exceptional music-making we enable our students to fulfil their musical potential and provide them with the requisite skills for a lifetime filled with the boundless joy of music.

Music at Aiglon Overview


Visual Arts

Aiglon's Art Department aims to equip students with the skills to enjoy, produce and engage with the visual arts throughout their lives. As a subject, its value includes encouraging individual creativity and innovative thinking.


Within Aiglon’s vibrant Drama Department we look forward to guiding students through the world of theatre both within and outside the classroom. From dedicated workshop classes to our annual productions, everyone has a role to play.


Private Piano Lesson
Private Music Lessons

Music is at the heart of our daily life at Aiglon, and over 50% of students enjoy private lessons each week. With top instructors, students have the opportunity to achieve a high level of competence. Many go on to study music after leaving Aiglon while others continue as a hobby.

Arts Trips to London

Art students across all disciplines have the opportunity to travel at least once per year to London for a dedicated arts trip focused on exploring theatre performances, art galleries and special workshops.

Junior Instrument Programme

All junior school students are learning one of the following: violin, viola, cello, double bass, trumpet, French horn, trombone, flute, clarinet, orchestral percussion, and even one harpist!

This successful programme sees the vast majority of students enjoying the challenge of learning an orchestral instrument. Each student can be provided with the loan of a starter instrument by the school, and has a 25-minute lesson once a week and an evening practice session of half an hour.

School Theatre

No matter if drama is being studied as an academic subject or not, Aiglon drama performances are a popular activity for all students. We host multiple performances each year and everyone is encouraged to be involved.

Arts Programme Overview

Arts Subjects at Aiglon

Learn more about our academic offerings in the Arts by visiting our Learning Pathways to explore the Diploma, Exploration and Discovery programmes.

Learning Pathways



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