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Trips & Visits

Travel and engaging with the world are crucial for personal growth, offering unique experiences that go beyond the classroom.

Aiglon provides a range of excursions across different locations that aim to challenge students through exciting adventures, foster mutual respect, and cultivate a sense of responsibility. The comprehensive programme offers academic, cultural, ecological, and adventurous experiences throughout the year.

Trip Programme Overview

Trip Descriptions

Our Approach

Aiglon offers students many opportunities for travel. Each year they participate in trips as part of our core programme. The cost of these trips is covered by the tuition fees, as they are central to the school experience.

The trips will vary based on year group, but opportunities to grow will be available during everyone's time at the school. The trips that are part of the wider experience programme are extras that may take place partly during the school holidays.

Each occasion is designed to offer students a variety of experiences focused around the school's guiding principles of mind, body and spirit.



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