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Trips & Visits

Our trips programme aims to enhance our students’ natural curiosity while introducing them to new experiences to develop their intercultural learning.

Aiglon students know that true learning does not come solely from teachers in front of a class. We also know that the moments we remember are those when we reached out to learn in a new way, sharing experiences with our fellow students. In creating our trips and visits programme, we continually strive to enhance the range and value of these moments.

It’s also important to note that our students enjoy a broad diversity in their student body and tend to be well travelled. As such, we hold ourselves responsible to provide them with an engaging programme of visits that is not just educationally pertinent, but open to experiences that they could not obtain anywhere else.


Our Approach

Aiglon offers students many opportunities for travel. Each year they participate in trips as part of our core programme. The cost of these trips is covered by the tuition fees, as they are central to the school experience. The trips will vary based on year group, but opportunities to grow will be available during everyone's time at the school. The trips that are part of the wider experience programme are extras that may take place partly during the school holidays. Each occasion is designed to offer students a variety of experiences focused around the school's guiding principles of mind, body and spirit.

Core Programme

Every Aiglon student has the opportunity to travel at least once per year. These experiences form part of our core programme and are linked into what is happening in the classroom.

Experience Programme

Over more than 70 years, Aiglon has earned a reputation as one of the best Swiss boarding schools thanks to our adventurous outlook and tradition of leading challenging expeditions for students of all ages. As such, we are able to offer our students a level of guidance and expertise that not only ensures their safety and security but also introduces them to a true spirit of expeditionary adventure.

These experiences are in addition to the core programme, although at times students may participate in one of these trips instead of a core trip. These adventures push students in new directions and challenge them to embrace the school's principles of mind, body and spirit while in an unexplored part of the world.

These experiences may be an extra part of a classroom experience or may be a longer trip taking place during the term holidays.

Upcoming Trips

Lugano Trip