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What happens when the skills learned during exciting trips are just as important for development as classroom instruction? Through the Aiglon Discovery Programme, students will take deep dives into fascinating experiences, supported by a strong academic structure.

This unique, pioneering programme focuses on travel, a unified curriculum and real world experience to prepare junior students both for the IGCSE, IB --and the real world.

For more than 70 years Aiglon has pushed beyond the boundaries of traditional education to offer students unique expeditions and experiences, alongside classes which strive for the highest academic standards. Part of our responsibility is to regularly assess our approach to our curriculum, so that each Aiglonian’s educational journey enriches the whole student and prepares them to face the wider world.

As a result, we are excited to announce Aiglon's new Discovery Programme.

The Path to Discovery

This new approach to unified learning leaves behind the traditional expectations of education to push students into a whole new world of discovery. The programme has been designed to provide a solid academic structure upon which to build new and exciting elements of this fresh approach to curriculum.

Curriculum Trips


In this first year of the programme, Year 8 students will visit Tenerife in November and Corfu in May. Students will have the opportunity to closely engage with environments fundamentally connected to the academic subject matter. They will reach out and touch aspects of history or geography, engage with communities central to the topics they strive to understand and witness the effect of physical sciences in action.

These trips provide fascinating dimensions through which students are able to connect not just the elements of their theoretical knowledge, but also understand how their ability to step out of their comfort zones improves the quality of their learning and spurs their curiosity.

Classroom Projects


Students undertake project-based work which, alongside the rigorous academics that Aiglon has always provided, also teaches students skills which are traditionally harder to quantify, but are increasingly important both within school and in their lives beyond - collaboration, leadership, and communication.

This approach opens routes to a deeper understanding of the subject matter, as well as a new appreciation of the learning process itself. Students are guided through academically robust lessons toward their experiential elements, and provided with the tools to assess the overall content and process of learning - ensuring they receive the holistically balanced education that is central to Aiglon’s philosophy.

Supporting Transition

Our new programme is, in essence, representative of Aiglon at our very best.

This approach to our curriculum uncovers new opportunities for students to grow and develop throughout their time with us. While we have initially selected Year 8 students as those who will benefit most from this first year of the programme, the overall plan is to expand the successful template to all year groups.

Our Discovery Programme will support each student’s transition from junior school years, toward the more academically demanding, student-driven IGCSE and IB programmes. We are providing them with newer, finer-quality skillsets combined with our expert guidance. This enhanced character education is ideally placed to encourage students’ independent inquiry, to see them make decisions in their lives that push beyond their own prior highest standards, and remain adaptable to new circumstances they will face.

The “Discovery” element of the programme isn’t simply the external adventures our students will embark upon. Students will discover the value of the learning process, and how they can continue to innovate and explore throughout their lives. Above all else, our goal is for the Aiglon Discovery Programme to unlock in students a greater understanding of themselves.

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