Senior Curriculum

We believe in providing a world-class, inspirational educational experience. As with everything, we push boundaries to take our students in directions that will enrich their potential at every step.

Each family’s path toward discovering the right school is unique - but one aspect that joins all families is the quality of the curriculum the student will experience. At Aiglon, we are committed to continual progress when it comes to our students’ education, and we strive to discover more ways to make our curriculum as rich, varied, and fulfilling as possible. The world Aiglonians are stepping into is one of constant change, and we continue to craft our educational philosophy in ways that prepare them while enriching their experience.

Senior School Programmes

Years 12 - 13

Students in their final two years at Aiglon (Years 12 & 13) undertake the academically challenging and holistic International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). This internationally recognised qualification is the perfect bridge to further university studies and beyond.

Widely considered to be the future of education - the International Baccalaureate programme is a challenging yet holistically fulfilling learning experience for senior school students. The qualification is recognised by top universities worldwide. Students who complete the programme develop skills highly sought by further educational establishments and employers.

To learn more and view detailed information, please visit our page dedicated to the IB Diploma Programme.

Years 10 - 11

In Years 10 and 11, Aiglonians work toward achieving IGCSE qualifications.

  • All students study English Language, Mathematics, French, Science (dual or triple award), and Physical Education.
  • Higher set English Language students also study English Literature.

Students’ personal educational path is supported by elective subjects which follow their interests and goals. A fascinating variety is on offer, and students select one arts subject, one social science, a modern foreign language, and a further subject from either of these areas.

Assessment for IGCSE qualifications combines internally-marked coursework, practical work, and end of course examinations.

Year 9

Upon entering our senior school, students will develop a greater emphasis on taking responsibility for their personal learning. Our subjects go into greater detail than previously, and Science is divided into three separate subjects.

Year 9 Aiglonians take French as well as either Spanish or German. Other world languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic are also available as minority subjects.

Internal exams are taken at the end of Autumn and Summer terms.

Following the previous years of understanding a student’s interests and goals, they select subjects with which they wish to continue their educational journey within our 2-year International GCSE programme.

The Full Aiglon Experience

As senior Aiglonians move toward their final years with us, we find it integral to their development to place greater emphasis on how fully they engage with the school’s holistic tenets and the responsibilities that we hold in high regard.

As such, in order to achieve the Aiglon diploma, students must complete at least two or three expeditions each term - undertaking activities such as rock climbing, cross country skiing, and three-day Long Expeditions, among others. It’s important to note certain trips are compulsory, though our students take an independent approach to selecting other weekends in which they participate.

In addition, senior Aiglonians are expected to engage with regular Sport, Ski, CAS & Activities programmes, alongside displaying conduct that embodies our Guiding Principles.

IGCSE & Pre-IB Curriculum Guide

Our IGCSE & Pre-IB Curriculum Guide is designed to help guide you through how the IGCSE and Pre-IB work at Aiglon. Through this document, you have access to a detailed course guide as well as additional, detailed information about the programme. What will you find in this guide?

  • Welcome to Aiglon's IGCSE
  • Pathways to Graduation
  • Guiding Principles for Learning
  • Understanding the IGCSE at Aiglon
  • The Pre-IB Programme
  • IGCSE Course Guide

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