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Our programme aims to enhance our students’ natural curiosities while introducing them to unfamiliar experiences. Through a balanced range of expeditions, we develop our students as true global citizens.

Aiglon students know that true learning does not come solely from teachers in front of a class. We also know that the moments we remember are those when we reached out to learn in a new way, sharing experiences with our fellow students. In creating our trips and visits programme, we continually strive to enhance the range and value of these moments.

It’s also important to note that our students enjoy a broad diversity in their student body, and tend to be well travelled. As such, it remains our responsibility to provide our students with an engaging programme of visits that is not just educationally pertinent, but open to experiences that they could not obtain anywhere else.

Spring Holiday Travel

Thailand Service ProjectFriday, 18 - Thursday, 31 March 2022
Thailand Holiday ExperienceFriday, 18 - Thursday, 31 March 2022
Saas-Fee Ski CampThursday, 31 March - Saturday, 9 April 2022

Trips and Visits at Aiglon fall under three distinct categories. These ensure that our programme of visits is balanced, benefitting the whole student. We invite you to explore below to learn more about our approach.

Culture Trips

Aiglon culture trips introduce our students to incredible cities in ways that go beyond tourism. They engage closely with the architectural, artistic, historical, spiritual, and community aspects that make these locations such rich examples of civilisation at its best, worst, and all points in between.

These are key moments in which students can understand how societies across the globe have sought to express themselves, how the physical world around them is impacted by political and cultural shifts throughout cities’ individual histories. There are often opportunities for students to witness first-hand the challenges these cities face and consider the steps they can personally take to positively affect communities locally and globally.

Adventure Trips

For more than 70 years, our school has earned a reputation for our adventurous outlook and tradition of leading challenging expeditions for students of all ages. As such we are able to offer the level of guidance and expertise to our students which not only ensures their safety and security but also introduces them to a true spirit of expeditionary adventure.

These are not just trips for those extroverted students for whom the desire to explore the world runs deeply; our adventures are designed to push the boundaries of all Aiglon students. We firmly believe that our students must venture outside their personal comfort zones in order to not only uncover the hidden beauty of the natural world that surrounds us, but also new truths about themselves. They will gain an appreciation for the environment of which they will become custodians, and an understanding of their responsibilities as global citizens.

Service Trips

It is both a privilege and responsibility to include service trips as part of our educational approach. We are always keen to impress upon Aiglonians the fact that, though we aim to have a positive lasting effect on any global or local community project we engage with, ultimately it is our own students who will benefit most from their service experiences. In planning our service trips we continually assess how balanced and beneficial our contributions are for all involved.

Service trips invite our students to engage with aspects of our global landscape that they generally wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to, and students learn the practical ways in which they can have an impact on issues which challenge various communities. Whether through our teaching trips to Kenya and understanding how something as seemingly simple as personally serving fruit to children can have a deep emotional impact on all involved, or contributing to surveys of refuse left by tourists on Mount Logonot; these trips above all else are valuable in their ability to have a domino effect on our students. They encourage a drive to dig deeper into these subjects and understand how each Aiglonian can be a force for good in our world.

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