Our Story in Motion, The New Aiglon Videos

It is the most stunning environment in which to live, play and work. And I think that's the thing, you can't erase those memories because the vision of what you saw every day is just so memorable, so inspirational. It's the most magnificent place to be, and I think no matter who you are, you can't set foot on this campus and not be impressed with what you see.

How do you capture a place like Aiglon? How do you film not just a school, but a way of life and a home? How do you tell this story in a way that excites Aiglon’s current community, yet also inspires the future generation who want to join us here on the mountain?

When we partnered with UK-based Affixxius Films to help create our new school video, we asked a lot. We needed to see the excitement of skiing the Grand Chamossaire, yet feel the warmth of living in Delaware or Clairmont. We needed to articulate the prowess of our staff, yet demonstrate the sense of community they help to build.

How do you promote Aiglon’s name across the globe, and yet leave everyone who knows and loves this place with a sense of familiarity and belonging?

We took the decision to produce three interconnected yet distinct videos that each highlight a particular dimension of an Aiglon education.

Aiglon has a very active environment for its students; it often combines many different activities and puts them into the school curriculum.

The "Advert"

The first of these we call the “Advertisement”. It is a short, 90 second highlight reel produced to be eye-catching, cutting-edge, fun and a quick cross-section of everything Aiglon offers. It sets the tone and establishes the defining visuals that emphasise Aiglon as a community of people deeply integrated into their surrounding mountain environment. The focus of this film is  promotional, to excite and capture the attention of future Aiglonians.

Our environment shapes and defines who we are. I don't think Aiglon College could be Aiglon College in a different environment. It could be a very good school, but it couldn't be the Aiglon we are today.

"Mind, Body, Spirit"

The second film is entitled “Mind, Body, Spirit.” In this three-minute piece we seek to capture the heartbeat of Aiglon’s ethos as it is framed in the School’s Guiding Principles. In a series of voice-over interviews students, staff and alumni speak about how each of these overarching principles informs Aiglon’s daily activities, both academic and extracurricular, to create an exceptional environment in which to learn and live.

This is home. And every time I go back to Alpina after a long day at school, I just feel so relaxed. I feel safe, and I feel like I am in the best environment.


The third film is entitled “Home.” In this second content piece we highlight a more abstract dimension of an Aiglon education, the notion of a boarding school as home. While maintaining strong thematic visuals and a series of voice-over interviews, we emphasise that a sense of belonging is an essential aspect of the school with which students, staff, alumni and prospective families can identify.