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Annual Golf Weekend Continues

Posted on 11th September 2017 in People, Spirit, Alumni

Members of the wider Aiglon community enjoyed a lovely weekend together in southern France as part of what has developed into an annual tradition. Fifteen guests were hosted at the Domaine de Barbossi by Akram Safa (Belvedere, 2017) and his family Iskandar Safa, Clara Martinez Thedy de Safa and...

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Welcoming New Students

Posted on 29th August 2017 in School, People, Mountain

On Saturday, we were pleased to welcome 92 new students to the Aiglon community. This year, our new students join us representing 31 different nationalities. 18 of these have joined us for the Junior School and 74 for the Senior School. Arriving students and families were welcomed with a...

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Provisional IB results announcement

Posted on 7th July 2017

The IB Diploma results have been published today, and we are pleased to announce once more a very encouraging picture of high achievement by our graduates.  Prior to adjustment for any re-marked entries, the overall average matches the strong results of 2015 and 2016.   The...

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Scholarship Impact Report, 16-17

Posted on 4th July 2017 in School, People, Spirit

A huge thank you to all the parents, alumni, staff, students and friends of Aiglon College who help make our scholarship programme a reality for so many students. This year we present the 2016-2017 Impact Report, a brief overview of a few of our scholarship students saying thank you for the impact...

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University Destinations

Aiglon Class of 2015 higher education destinations in North America include ... Boston, Brown, Duke, Parsons ... UK and Europe: Cambridge, the LSE ... and the world’s leading Hotel Management Schools.

Employment Opportunities

To work at Aiglon you’ll need not only to be outstanding at what you do, but also to share our guiding principles and be keen to play a full part in our community.

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