The Aiglon Day

Routine is an important part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Each day Aiglon follows a similar structure and is balanced around the working school day as well as evening and weekend activities.

The normal Aiglon school day is listed below for your reference. Please note that evening times during the winter term are adapted to be thirty minutes earlier each evening.

07h00 - 08h00 Morning routines in houses
08h05 - 08h25 Monday: Meditation
Tuesday: Assembly, Years 5- 11 | Tutor time, Years 12 - 13
Wednesday: Assembly, Years 12 - 13 | Tutor time, Years 5 -11
Meditation or Faith Groups (alternates every other week)
08h30 - 09h20 Period One
09h25 - 10h15 Period Two
10h15 - 10h45 Break (Monday staff notices)
10h45 - 11h35 Period Three
11h40 - 12h30 Period Four
12h35 - 14h15 Lunch (Years 5 - 11)
12h35 - 13h25
Period 5a (Years 12 - 13)
12h35 - 13h25
Period 5b (Years 5-11)
13h25 - 14h15
Lunch (Years 12 - 13)
13h25 - 14h15
14h20 - 15h10 Period Six
15h15 - 16h05 Period Seven
15h30 - 17h30 Activity Sessions
Session One: 15h30 - 16h30
Session Two: 16h30 - 17h30
18h00 - 19h00 Dinner & House Meetings
19h00 - 20h30 Prep Sessions (Student / Tutor Meetings)
20h30 - 21h30 Senior School Free Time
Years 12 & 13, return by 22h00
Years 9 - 11, return by 21h30
Winter term evening and bedtime routines are 30 minutes earlier.

What does the student day look like?

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