Approach & Overview

Aiglon's Remote Learning programme is about more than simply maintaining the status quo during an unusual and difficult time.

Our Vision

An Aiglon education has never been contained by the classroom, and this reality has never been more true. We aim to continue promoting the Aiglon spirit and inspiring our students. As a result, we have approached these changes with three main principles: to provide a high level of learning, to maintain connections and to promote a culture of wellbeing.

We will also look to maintain regular routines which should help families around the world and lastly to provide varied opportunities for our community to communicate digitally and maintain the connections formed on the mountain.

While adapting to a remote learning model requires flexibility and patience, Aiglon is well-prepared to offer a robust, well-rounded education that works and keeps the Aiglon ethos and its Guiding Principles of Learning alive.

Programme Overview

Drawing on Aiglon's robust and technologically-prepared teaching practices, we are able to offer our students a series of tailored, age-specific remote programmes that will continue valuable student learning during this challenging time and not disadvantage their progress while away from campus.

Year 13 (Graduates)

Year 13 will be invited to choose online courses curated by Aiglon teachers that will prepare them for their next steps and provide them with the skills required for their future university courses.

Teachers will study these online courses alongside the students and offer them structured support and opportunities to discuss what they have learnt.

Year 11 (iGCSE)

Year 11 will begin with a four week course that will bring the iGCSEs to a natural end and also allow teachers and students to ensure the course components required to be awarded grades have been fulfilled.

The remainder of the year will see the year group re-set into new groups for ‘Introduction to IB’ courses designed by Aiglon academic departments that will allow them to prepare for the demands of the international baccalaureate and get a head start.

Years 5-10 & 12

For all other year groups we will focus on minimising disruption to their studies and it will be business as usual. We have planned various contingencies for all year groups that involve moving elements of their courses that would benefit from them being present around so that they can study the most accessible work from a distance.

In Year 10 and Year 12 we will restructure their entire two year programmes so that they are not disadvantaged in any way and we are prioritising course content for remote learning so that they are able to show independence in their approach to their subjects.

Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

Leading students toward greater independence through the outdoors and physical competence.

This naturally must look different as part of Remote Learning. However, these elements will be emphasised through our teaching practices. Likewise, the PE, Sport, Expeditions and Wellbeing departments will be engaged to provide practical, helpful ways to still make Aiglon about more than just the classroom.



Integrating mind and body to develop a positive understanding of oneself.

At Aiglon, everyone is involved in their own wellbeing as well as those around them. Wellbeing is holistic and central to our thinking during remote learning. It is important that we all continue to look after ourselves. Therefore, students are encouraged to follow routines, albeit different from normal. Take regular breaks, go outside wherever possible, exercise, and maintain an appropriate balance between online engagement and offline activities.

A Brief Summary

1. Times & Office Hours

1.1. Remote learning begins 6th April 2020. Remote school will be open between 08h20 - 16h05 Swiss time (CET) Monday to Friday and will follow the standard winter timetable.

1.2. During this time, teaching staff will be online during their timetabled lessons and will record an introduction to their lesson for students unable to attend.

1.3. All teaching staff are also offering ‘Open Office Hours’ which mean that there will always be subject specialists available for students from all timezones. The timetable for these sessions will be available on this site.

1.4. Please appreciate that, just as with our students, we do not want our teachers to be behind screens all day so we would respectfully ask that students communicate with teachers during lessons and during these open office hours.

1.5. The ‘Open office times’ organised across departments will be offered at three different time slots: 07h10 - 08h10, 13h00 - 14h00 and 18h00 - 19h00.

1.6. Health Centre Hours: 24/7 for emergencies, nurses are available (0041 24 496 6131). For non-urgent matters - Monday to Friday 08h30-17h00.

1.7. Wellbeing: Contact Chris Chalcraft (0041 79 517 09 71) for any wellbeing matters or concerns. 24/7 for emergencies. For non-urgent matters - Monday to Friday 08h30-17h00.

2. Access

2.1. Students should aim to access lessons ‘live’ through Google meets if they occur at a convenient time. They should be ready to learn, in an appropriate location and engage with their learning. Students will need a strong internet connection and to access the lessons from a computer and preferably not their phone.

2.2. Students who are unable to access ‘live’ lessons should access the resources and activities from the lesson before the following timetabled lesson.

2.3. Students and parents should contact teachers either by email, whereby they can expect a 24 hour response time, or during timetabled lessons and open office hours.

2.4. Students in mainland China can use our remote desktop if they have connection issues to Aiglon remote learning systems.

3. Live Lessons & Work

3.1. Lessons will begin with a 5-15 minute ‘live’ teacher intro where teachers will explain the focus, aims, concepts and knowledge of the learning to the whole class. These will be recorded for students who cannot access them live.

3.2. Teachers will then set tasks for the students and be available to them throughout the remainder of the lesson. Students can contact teachers individually and also work collaboratively on Google Docs which will allow teachers to provide feedback.

3.3. Tutors will be the first point of call for student issues and tutors will maintain their weekly one-on-one support sessions through Google Hangouts. Tutors will follow this communication with a weekly update to parents.

3.4. The school will take attendance of students who access the lessons, both ‘live’ and afterwards. This will allow us to share with parents information regarding student engagement.

3.5. Remote learning does not mean teachers or students spending extended periods in front of a screen. Teachers will set a range of activities requiring both online and offline work. Student and staff wellbeing are important considerations.

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