For Students

As much as possible Aiglon will maintain its normal high standard and high expectations for teaching and learning during this time.

All students are expected to access the online resources provided by their teachers and make regular contact with their tutor. It is important that students are involved with this process and understand what is expected of them.

The Remote Learning Programme will be accomplished through the use of online tools while maintaining a focus on the well-being of individuals in the community, and recognising that different people may be facing very different circumstances.

Years 5 - 11

Google Classroom will be the central hub for setting assignments and deadlines, facilitating ongoing class discussion, and providing feedback. Google Hangouts/Meet will be used for live video sessions with students.

Teachers are also free to use a variety of other web-based resources to facilitate learning as appropriate for their subject. However, Google Classroom will be used as the central point of communication for work and deadlines.

Years 12 - 13

Managebac will be the central hub for setting assignments and deadlines. If teachers wish to facilitate class discussions, and provide feedback they will also use Google Classroom. Google Hangouts/Meet will be used for live video sessions with students, which will be recorded for students based in different time zones.

Teachers are also free to use a variety of other web-based resources to facilitate learning as appropriate for their subject (eg. Kognity, Seneca, inThinking).

Expectations & Overview

Learning Expectations

Learners at Aiglon are expected to :

  • Be engaged in your remote learning environment, be involved and be attentive.
  • Develop rigour in your learning that is shown throughout the high quality of your work and prep and the maturity of your approach.
  • Be creative and take risks in your learning. Use this challenge as an opportunity to show your best qualities.
  • Collaborate and participate appropriately online
  • Show independence in your learning by being responsible and respectful to yourself through being on time, having all your equipment and being organised
  • Have integrity and honesty in your work
  • Be inclusive, generous, compassionate and fair towards others and embrace the diversity of Aiglon
Practical Expectations

1. Create your own daily routine and be on time. If you are able to access live learning make sure you are accessing lessons punctually. If you are not able to access live lessons you should be informing you teachers of when and how you are doing so. Get up on time, have a solid breakfast and ensure you are connected in advance of your lessons.

2. Be a good communicator. Use Google hangouts,Gmail and Google classroom to inform your teachers of your progress, your issues and ask any questions. If you are struggling to meet your deadlines you should proactively communicate with your teachers. Seek out and communicate with other members of the school community as you would do if you were on campus.

3. Be ready to learn: set aside a comfortable, quiet space in your home where you can work effectively and successfully, have all your resources and materials ready, and be appropriately dressed but not in uniform.

4. Check regularly: stay on top of your emails and regularly check learning platforms for messages and feedback from your teachers.

5. Be independent and actively engaged: more so than ever this experience will teach you to be independent, to take responsibility for your learning and to individually manage the demands on your time. See this as an opportunity, rather than an obstacle.


This will be a different sort of learning than students are used to. It will require resilience, independence, maturity and adaptability. Below are some guidelines for the types of activities students can expect during their online learning:

  • All lessons will begin with a teacher introduction to clarify key content and concepts, to outline the task and check on student understanding
  • Activities allowing interaction and feedback e.g. online quizzes
  • Activities allowing collaboration between peers e.g. Google Docs/ Slides
  • Open-ended tasks to allow naturally for differentiation
  • Choice tasks where students can choose the quantity and challenge
  • Project-based learning with longer activities, therefore providing students with more opportunity to work at their own pace over a series of lessons.

These are suggested to ensure students are:

  • receiving a variety of different tasks
  • receiving opportunities to move away from the computer
  • receiving a sense of choice over how they approach the set work
  • feeling empowered and in control of their learning

Teachers are mindful that students may not have access to some resources and materials. Where appropriate teachers will upload and share resources students may struggle to access remotely.

The role of Tutors

Tutors will continue to support their tutees and maintain a crucial role in supporting academic progress. Tutors will often be the first contact for students and will reply to any issues. Tutors will make contact with their tutor groups every day. They will also then individually meet with each of their tutees at least once per week. Lastly, tutors will also contact tutees parents on a weekly basis to provide them with an update on their child’s progress and engagement.

Mark Reading

The Mark reading cycle will continue and all students, other than Year 13, will receive a mark reading grade for the end of the summer term. We hope to be able to physically welcome students back before the end of term but please be aware that student engagement, the work they produce and their approach to remote learning will all contribute to student mark readings and be then written to student transcripts. We will still maintain distinction roll, honour roll, merit roll and issue academic awards at the end of the term regardless of the context.

Merits and Demerits

As usual we will still be distributing merits and demerits to students that will then appear on their end of term reports. and, through tutors, be shared with parents. We are going to ask staff to be especially proactive with merits and demerits as an indicator of student engagement.


Teachers will be taking virtual attendance. Any students who sign in live will be registered as attending the lesson. We have then created an additional code to indicate students that have accessed the learning at a later point. Students must access the lesson before the next lesson has taken place. Whilst timezones will present a challenge for many of our students it is important that all students access the lessons and complete the work, even if they are unable to access the live lessons. Furthermore, we will be creating a weekly attendance report that will be provided to tutors who will then be able to intervene for students that are not accessing the remote learning.

Behaviour Online

Students will not be physically on the school site but must still conduct themselves by school rules and with the level of maturity Aiglon expects. For example, all correspondence with their peers needs to be mature and professional. They should not be using school systems to send inappropriate pictures, unkind messages or anything not in-keeping with the school’s values.

Please also be aware that students need to approach their learning with the same seriousness as if they were present. When they are on site students have to abide by sleep routines, technology restrictions and meet basic classroom expectations and students should be ready, eager and engaged with online learning in the same way, rather than following routines that will impede their learning.

Meditation and Assemblies

The school will be looking to create opportunities for the community to virtually gather. We are currently looking at the best format to do this but we do intend to share communal messages and certainly we will require several year group assemblies to get messages across efficiently.

Prep Expectations

We do not want students to be behind screens in the evening, as well as throughout the day. Consequently we do not expect parents and students to maintain evening prep time. The nature of the tasks, which will involve students engaging with the teacher introduction before moving on to more indvidualised work, will be similar to prep and consequently we anticipate prep being mainly the finishing off of the set tasks, rather than additional tasks. However, exam year groups need to prepare themselves for the normal amount of prep they would expect if they were present at Aiglon

Developing Body and Spirit

Aiglon is one of the world’s leading holistic schools and the development of the body and spirit are central to everything we do. We cannot emphasise enough that students, and parents, need to find opportunities to exercise, do things that raise their spirits and make them feel better during this challenging time. Whilst many people may have their freedom restricted during this time the school urges students to try and be as active as they would be if they were at Aiglon.

What changes because of remote learning?

All departments are currently rescheduling all our learning plans and schemes of work to consider what is the most appropriate area for students to study from a distance. Consequently, the focus of the summer term for all exam year groups will be on the provision of key subject content. If students are unable to get back we have already created modified plans that will reschedule end of year exams, key parts of the IB and iGCSE course and the learning experiences that need the whole cohort present. Our priority in all cases is that this situation does not disadvantage our students.

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We are delighted that you are considering Aiglon College. We are always pleased to introduce prospective students and their families to life at the school, and we welcome all enquiries.

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