Aiglon Magazine

This publication is not a typical school magazine. It is designed to evoke the spirit of studying and living on the mountain. With increased use of social media and especially the launch of the Aiglon Life website, alumni are connecting in real time to share memories and stories. Aiglon Magazine brings the Aiglon experience to life in print, and the aim of this publication is not just to tell you what is happening at the school today, but also to embody our values.

By clicking on the links below you can read the magazine in PDF format. If you would like to receive a print copy, please send your request by email to [email protected].

Summer 2017

Issue 8 Volume 1

Issue 8 Volume 1

School Service with a smile as students help out at Villars' refugee centres
Mountain Why the Torchlight Descent is still such a treasured moment
Ideas The year after: making the most of the moment you leave the mountain
People Three Aiglonians share their experience of the 2008 financial crash
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Winter 2017

Issue 7 Volume 1

Issue 7 Volume 1

School Rules, ranks and privileges: we present a history of Aiglon's rules of conduct.
People What makes a great leader? Aiglonians share their experiences.
Mountain We meet the students charged with the task of introducing the mountain.
Ideas Round Square: how founding member Aiglon has shaped its history.
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Summer 2016

Issue 6 volume 1

Issue 6 volume 1

School Our unique educational ethos attracts HNWI
People Alumni world leaders in politics, business, and finance featured
Mountain Local treasures highlighted to induce readers to return to Switzerland
Ideas What drives the Art market? Leading collectors interviewed.

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Winter 2016

Issue 5 volumne 1

Issue 5 volumne 1

School Aiglonians relive their first week at school.

People Aiglonians are helping to drive economic transformation in Africa.

Mountain At Aiglon the ski journey starts, but where will it end?

Ideas Being an effective philanthropist in 2016 is interesting and challenging.

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Summer 2015

Issue 4 volume 1

Issue 4 volume 1

School Do you remember your laundry number?

People Aiglonian entrepreneurs are at the forefront of new business successes.

Mountain Eating breakfast at 1,778 metres is a rare pleasure.

Ideas Life at a walking pace looks different, even when the walk is uphill.

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Winter 2015

Issue 3 Volume 1

Issue 3 Volume 1

School The hills are alive – with the sound of George Logie’s bagpipes.

People Four alumni filmmakers discuss the rise and rise of the long-form documentary.

Mountain Aiglon runs up the mountain, en masse, twice a year. Why? The challenge, of course.

Ideas Before there was a school, there was a dream: a dream of vitality.

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Summer 2014

Issue 2 Volume 1

Issue 2 Volume 1

School To mark Aiglon's 65th year, alumni and staff remember Aiglon's founder, John Corlette.

People Do you remember Mugerli's? Mr and Mrs Mugerli talk shop.

Mountain As the meadows around Aiglon explode into colour, we explore the enduring fascination of alpine flowers.

Ideas Where is home? In a house, a country, or just in your head?

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Winter 2014

Issue 1 Volume 1

Issue 1 Volume 1

School The Kalouti Observatory is helping Aiglonians bring astronomy to the world.

People What's on your Aiglon soundtrack? Six Aiglonians share their school songs.

Mountain When the first Aiglonians went up the mountain they used equipment barely recognisable to students today.

Ideas Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have pursued silence.

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