Belvedere (Senior Boys)

Belvedere sits at the heart of the Aiglon campus, but it is not the location that defines us, it’s the people. Our motto ‘Honesty, Family, Responsibility’ means a Belvedere man is someone who strives to become the best version of themselves.

Welcome to Belvedere,

Our motto guides the men of Belvedere to be a friend to all as well as one who challenges themselves, especially for the betterment of others. A Gentleman.

Belvedere is so much more than just a boarding house; we are a family within a home. Belvederians pride themselves on being the friendliest on campus and it shows the moment that you walk in our door. Visit us any given week to regularly see boys across year groups spending time with each other whether we are laughing in the corridors, studying together, kicking a football, playing ping pong in our free time or any other number of informal occasions.

Likewise, we frequently come together to share in each other’s company through events. We particularly enjoy Thanksgiving, house expeditions, the “Belvedere Dinner Club,” coffee, tea and chocolates for Years 12 and 13 in the houseparents’ flat, the Belvedere Steak House, movie nights, charity breakfast making on Saturday mornings and water gun fights in the summer.

We are an eclectic mix within our home. We have some of Aiglon’s finest scholars, best ski racers, lead artists, top footballers, tennis players and even chefs, but at our heart what unites us are not the activities that we commit to, but rather the day-to-day kindnesses and laughter that blends us together as a cohesive group.

We greatly hope that you too might come to visit us in the “Big B” … we would love to welcome you to our family!

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