Le Cerf (Senior Girls)

Le Cerf is a former hotel, now converted to a cosy home away from the bustle of the central campus, where girls thrive in a tranquil and nurturing environment.

Welcome to Le Cerf,

Le Cerf House is defined by the people within it. As such, it is busy, full of character, and filled with laughter. This is not a House governed by rules, but a thriving, energetic environment created - through consent - by all who live here.

We believe, wholeheartedly, in kindness. In doing the little things well. In genuine service, rather than simple charity. Le Cerf girls know that if it isn't challenging them, it won't change them - life is never about simply staying where you have always been.

Equally, Le Cerf girls are not those who shout the loudest. Instead they let their achievements speak for themselves. Their success is their noise, and these successes are shared and celebrated by every member of the House.

Above all, here in Le Cerf we remember one thing: that life, quite simply, is the sum of all your choices. So we encourage each other to make the right ones for the individual making them, as well as supporting each other when those choices don't turn out so well. We all have the power to change our lives through the choices we make and realising this is a vital step towards a successful and happy life. Please come and visit us to see for yourself!


Le Cerf House: where we laugh. A lot.

Le Cerf House Team



Katherine Duckling

Coming most recently from an international school in Brunei, Mrs Duckling aims to create a stable, kind and happy environment in which the girls in their care can excel across areas of their lives. Mrs and Mr Duckling are both passionate teachers themselves and they seek to foster a culture of curiosity and enthusiasm, encouraging students to not only make the most of all opportunities, but to enjoy themselves while doing so.

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