Le Trient (Senior girls)

Aiglon's most recently established house, Le Trient, is a beautiful chalet-style home near campus boasting magnificent views over the Rhône Valley. It is home to a small group of senior girls.

Welcome to Le Trient.

We are a small, intimate house that is called home by only eleven students. This focused atmosphere has helped to shape the house culture since day one. Most students share a room on one of three floors with various common spaces spread throughout each level of the house.

The house culture can be described as one full of respect and inclusiveness, where everyone is supportive of each other.

If you ask someone who lives in Le Trient what makes this space particularly special, they would say the comfortable and calm atmosphere created by the welcoming and warming Le Trient family.

The house team consists of a houseparent and two grad assistants who live on-site and support the students throughout their time at school.

House Team

Jane Kan

Jane Kan

Jane Kan is an experienced member of Aiglon’s staff team. She joined the school in 2014 and is currently head of the Learning Support Department. She worked for a number of years in boarding as part of Aiglon’s Junior School and is well-experienced in helping the students make Aiglon a home away from home. Ms Kan is always up for an adventure and enjoys accompanying students on expeditions and on school trips. The girls will also be regularly impressed by her baking skills.

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