The Aiglon tradition of morning meditation presents a daily opportunity for personal reflection, bringing the school together for a special moment of peace and contemplation.

A mind tackling the rigours of education and indeed life itself requires moments of stillness and contemplation. The concept of mindfulness is one that has become popular in recent years, yet Aiglon has always considered its unique meditation to be an indispensable tool in the cultivation and care of an enriched, curious life. As such, Aiglon presents a programme of meditations several mornings throughout each week.


Meditation has resided at the core of Aiglon life since the school’s inception, a driving aspect of our daily activities and rooted in our guiding principles. John Corlette considered a structured meditative practice to be essential to the development of students and faculty alike and worked to instill methods to best inspire and enrich the whole student. Even today, his approach remains relevant in our daily life and practice.

How does it work?

These sessions take the place of the morning assembly found at many other schools but are performed in such a way as to create a significant moment of mindfulness at the start of the students’ and teachers’ day. Meditations are designed to provoke concepts with which to inwardly challenge us all. Beginning and ending with a period of silence, each meditation features a single idea, presented as a talk, that is dropped within the centre of a still pool. In the silence that follows, this idea grows with a student’s personal consideration and is carried with them for the remainder of the day.

The best of Aiglon’s meditations are remembered and discussed for years to come.

Topics of meditation are presented by staff and students. Traditional concepts of spirituality are woven among ideas, which range from the choices we make at the crossroads of life to the effects of social media. These aren’t lectures, but well-constructed, brief insights suggested amidst contemplative silence. On some occasions, a meditation is a simple phrase, followed by an appropriate piece of music to aid personal reflection.

The Aim

What Aiglonians take away from meditations is a sense of quiet, centred introspection. Horizons are broadened within a safe space and students are empowered to explore their own thoughts on new ideas, or set off in directions to further investigate familiar concepts. While not religious in nature, these meditations focus on the essence of our spirit, enriching the student and preparing them with a practice to continue in their life beyond Aiglon.

Students develop a deep understanding of their responsibilities to both their inner self and society and how they can be a positive force in the world they inherit.

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