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Student Life

Le Cerf House Photo from Sports Day

A Place for Everyone

Our boarding houses are the beating heart of student life at Aiglon's campus. One of the great advantages of our boarding school education, they are diverse, passionate and unique. Speak to any of the school's alumni and they will tell you about the love they have for their house. 

But for us, house life is also just the beginning. A truly holistic education means the student experience is foundational to education. The dynamics of how we live together on Aiglon's beautiful alpine campus are just as important as our academic expectations. We believe that each of our students can make a home here.


10 Unique Boarding Houses

Developed throughout the school's varied history, each boarding house has a story to tell — from purpose-built constructions to renovated alpine hotels, each house has become a home to a generation of students.

A Home for Life

People are often surprised — and sometimes a bit nervous — that we don't take house requests unless there is  a sibling at the school. But you can trust us; we know that you will fit in whichever your boarding house.

A Village in a Village

Our campus is made up of over 30 different buildings spread out over 60,000 square metres of alpine landscape. At 1,200 m above sea level, the views over the Rhône Valley are definitely worth writing home about.

The Aiglon Meditation

Unique to our school, the Aiglon meditation has its roots in the founding of the school. Regularly throughout the week, we gather as a school to listen to a student or staff member share a thought for the day. Followed by a silent period of reflection, this "drop in a still pond" gives us all something important to ponder throughout the day.

24/7 Health Care

Not only does our team of professional nurses take care of everyone at Aiglon when they are ill, they are here to help keep us all healthy. From vaccination campaigns to working with qualified nutritionists and psychologists, Aiglon takes care of everyone in a personal, professional way — around the clock!

The Houses

Each house has its own distinctive personality – but whichever house is yours, you will quickly become part of a warm and friendly family.

Daily Life

We seek to balance each day as a healthy balance of hard work and opportunities for growth relaxation. 

Our Campus

Our life here is inherently healthy, invigorating and inspiring – Aiglonians climb hills and see views on their way to the next classroom that would impress seasoned hikers.

Health & Wellbeing

Our understanding of physical and mental wellbeing is central to our ethos of holistic learning and balanced development. 


The Aiglon tradition of morning meditation presents a daily opportunity for personal reflection, bringing the school together for a special moment of peace and contemplation.

The Aiglon Day

Learn in detail about what we do each day and how we balance our time between hard work and fun.