Cultural visits

Our students will make numerous cultural trips during the course of a school year, either centred around a particular subject or department, or simply for cultural enrichment. One distinctive aspect of our cultural programme is that in October, the entire school leaves the mountains and heads for cultural destinations across Europe.

Heritage and educational excursions

Central Europe is home to a wealth of historic towns and cities, some dating back to the Roman era, which are popular destinations for day and weekend trips by students of all ages.

Alongside formal learning opportunities, these trips seek to stir students’ imaginations and enable them to develop their own taste and appreciation of our shared history and heritage. Recent visits have included the castles at Gruyère and Fribourg, the Château de Chillon – immortalized by Lord Byron and Henry James – the multidisciplinary Alimentarium food museum in Vevey, and the Communications Museum in Bern.

Cultural excursions

Switzerland houses many world-class art collections, and recent visits have included art museums in Basel, including the renowned Zentrum Paul Klee museum, and Geneva’s Watch Museum (the Musee de l'Horlogerie).

Creative arts students also seek inspiration among the Swiss mountains. A recent three-day, Sixth Form trip to the beautiful valley and pastures of Solalex enabled art students to produce landscape sketches, and land art installations, while drama students created a new play, performed outdoors at night by the campfire!

Internationally, London is a popular destination for Music and Drama departmental visits, where students will combine seeing productions with backstage tours (for example the National Theatre or the Globe), and workshops on aspects such as costume and set design.