Clairmont - Senior girls

“Our better, is better,” is the motto of Clairmont House.

It is about the support, the spirit, the pride, surging through our hearts and minds every time the score is on our side. It is about those Sunday nights well spent as one; talking and laughing together.

Clairmont House by School Guardian ('14), Klaudyna Astramowicz

This is not a boast of superiority over others; rather, Clairmont’s goal is to enable every girl to find and pursue her own "best" skills and become even "better".

Indeed, participation and teamwork are prized as much as coming out on top. “There are many diverse talents within the house,” says house captain. “Everyone participates, even when it’s not their strongest area.”

This creates a close-knit atmosphere that is bolstered by House activities such charity baking events, a Valentine's dinner, winter outings (which always include hot chocolate), a year-end dinner in Montreux, and cinema trips.

Clairmont Houseparents

Delphine Lafond-Puyo

Delphine Lafond-Puyo

Clairmont Houseparent & French teacher

MA Ingénierie de la formation Français Langue Etrangère, Dijon University

PGCE French and Spanish, Southampton University

Mrs Lafond-Puyo Balocchi loves teaching because of “the opportunity to profoundly impact the lives of students”, and loves getting to know the young people she teaches at Aiglon. She adores theatre, film, swimming and travelling, and says the highlight of her teaching year is “students receiving grades they are proud of in their exams”. Her choice of prop? “A book retracing the evolution of cover photos in the mythical Vogue magazine in the last 50 years.”

Mathieu Lafond-Puyo

Mathieu Lafond-Puyo

Clairmont Houseparent

Mila Lopez Sancho

Mila Lopez Sancho

Spanish language and literature teacher

BA Spanish Language and Literature, UCO

BA Foreign Languages and Literature, University Paris VIII

MEd Literature and Language, UCO

Miss Lopez Sancho teaches Spanish language and literature, is a Deputy Houseparent at Clairmont, and a leader on the Peru Service Project. Drawn to Aiglon by the international atmosphere and the extraordinary environment, she says she loves teaching because at its heart, teaching “is a mutual learning process”.

When not working with students, Miss Lopez Sancho loves to travel (“It’s my main hobby,” she says) and enjoys the occasional game of basketball.  Other hobbies she enjoys are reading, art and theatre.