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The Aiglon tradition of morning meditation presents a daily opportunity for personal reflection, bringing the school together for a special moment of peace and contemplation.

A mind that is tackling the rigours of education — and indeed life itself — requires moments of stillness and thoughtfulness. The concept of mindfulness is one that has become popular in recent years, but Aiglon has always considered its unique meditation to be an indispensable tool in the cultivation and care of an enriched, curious life. We therefore present a programme of meditations several mornings throughout each week.


Listen to Aiglon Meditations

This podcast is an initiative to both share and archive Aiglon's rich history of meditations. The podcast includes both contemporary meditations as well as archived material and occasional special events. You can find the podcast on your favourite streaming platforms. Note: views and opinions expressed during a meditation are personal and do not reflect any official positions, views or policies of Aiglon College.

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