Pastoral care

The wellbeing and happiness of our students is of paramount importance. We have an extensive network of support in place around each and every one of our students, to ensure that help is at hand, whatever the challenge they face.

In addition, the caring and close-knit ethos of the school and its houses, and the very diverse backgrounds of our students, mean that there will always be friends looking out for your child and able to empathise with any issues they may have.

The formal pastoral framework around our students includes our Health Centre, the Learning Support Team, the Chaplain, the House system and student’s own peers.

Health Centre

Aiglon has its own Health Centre, situated opposite the school playing fields. A team comprising five nurses and one nursing assistant is on call 24 hours a day. Any student who is infectious or needs looking after can be admitted for care. There are regular (and on-demand) visits by medical specialists, including doctors and counsellors, and students can be referred immediately to local doctors. In the event that any student has a serious accident or requires extended in-patient care, parents are informed immediately.

Learning Support

A student’s wellbeing can be greatly affected by their ability to cope academically, and at Aiglon we tailor every child’s learning to ensure that they are both stretched to achieve their potential, but supported throughout with any extra help they may need. All eligible students receive both learning support and English language support, with progress reviewed frequently to ensure they flourish.


While Aiglon was founded on Christian values, we are a fully international community with students drawn from as many as 60 countries around the globe, of all faiths, and none. Our chapel is used throughout the year and the Chaplain, James Torrance, is a key member of the school’s pastoral team.

James studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge and worked as a science teacher in Britain and abroad, before training for the Anglican ministry (although he chose not to be ordained). This background makes him a uniquely good fit for Aiglon’s educational, multi-faith community. James has extensive counselling experience and his door is always open to students, staff and parents alike.


Aiglon’s nine Houses are each home to approximately 50 students, and are often the first place students both seek and give support. In addition to resident Houseparents and Deputy Houseparents, who are usually also members of the teaching staff, there are five tutors with each House and each student has his/her personal tutor.


In keeping with our expectation that older students set a good example to their juniors, each House has senior students in positions of responsibility, such as House Captains and Prefects. The school’s Head Boy and Girl are called "Guardians", reflecting the part they play in watching over and looking out for their younger counterparts.

Director of Pastoral Care

Claire Chalcraft

Claire Chalcraft

BA(Hons) Education, Exeter

Post Grad Cert English Language Teaching (CELTA, Cambridge)

Mrs Chalcraft teaches French, is Director of Pastoral Care, and is a member of the School Council. She says that teaching at Aiglon is “never dull, usually enormous fun and always rewarding”.

Unsurprisingly, then, one of her favourite times of the year is returning to school after the summer holidays. “Feeling the school come to life is pretty special: students and staff bring such energy and light up the place.”

A full timetable and plenty of responsibility means there is rarely time for hobbies in term time. But in the holidays, Mrs Chalcraft makes the most of her free time. “I love to run, bake, take photos, fiddle around, play piano, guitar, flute, sing, dance, dream, and sleep. In term time I rarely manage to do any of these things!”